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Scott Kazmir Is Trendy

May 9, 2013

Twitter is very helpful. Not only does it list major trending topics (like #YouWillNotBeTakenSeriouslyIf and #CantBeInARelationship, because it’s, you know, …Read the Rest

Steady as She Goes: Total Team Effort Leads to 6th Straight Win

Steady as She Goes: Total Team Effort Leads to 6th Straight Win
May 4, 2013

Throughout the Indians’ 5-game winning streak, the team has enjoyed MAJOR contributions from unheralded and unexpected sources. First, it was …Read the Rest

Kazmir Rebounds in Second Start

April 28, 2013

The Scott Kazmir story has the potential to become one of the better headlines this season. After establishing himself as …Read the Rest

Indians Pitching Depth Beginning To Get Shallow

April 26, 2013

Whenever Corey Kluber finally makes a start for the Indians while filling in for the injured Brett Myers (with David …Read the Rest

Four Storylines to Watch This Season

March 28, 2013

If there are eight million stories in the naked city, there are at least 25 on any major league roster. …Read the Rest

Are We Overvaluing The Tribe’s Outfield Defense?

March 26, 2013

The Indians capped off an exciting offseason — perhaps the busiest in team history, at least in many fans’ memories …Read the Rest

Things to work on: Scott Kazmir

Things to work on: Scott Kazmir
March 22, 2013

Throughout spring training I’ll be highlighting “things to work on” for certain key players this year.  When I started “things to work …Read the Rest

Scott Kazmir and the Final Spot in the Rotation

March 18, 2013

By all accounts Scott Kazmir has, well, not looked like the Scott Kazmir of recent years, the one who’s once …Read the Rest

Pondering life’s persistent questions

February 9, 2013

There are certain questions that have perplexed and preoccupied human beings for thousands of years: What is the meaning of …Read the Rest

The Spirit of Giving and Receiving – Kazmir, Canzler, and Swisher

December 23, 2012

The last three to four days were relatively active for the Indians, full of the spirit of giving and receiving. …Read the Rest