Former Indians in the Postseason

October 5, 2012

Last year I looked at the former Indians that were on the rosters of playoff teams.   I guess I …Read the Rest

Just 180 Days Until Opening Day

October 4, 2012

As the 2012 season comes to a close, Indians fans are left to ponder one of the more frustrating seasons …Read the Rest

The song remains the same

October 3, 2012

The Indians ended the 2012 season tonight the same way they ended the first and 93 other games this year, …Read the Rest

On Social Media Appreciation Night

On Social Media Appreciation Night
October 3, 2012

As I mentioned in my recap of Monday’s game, the Indians recently held a promotion called Social Media Appreciation Night. …Read the Rest

End of the Season Potpourri

October 3, 2012

Despite taking quite some time attempting to come up with a title for this post, I have instead opted for …Read the Rest

Some quick thoughts on the manager search

October 2, 2012

Earlier this week Stephanie Liscio gave us her thoughts on the Indians manager search. I agree with many of her …Read the Rest

Feast or famine (updated)

October 1, 2012

After a long dry spell of several weeks during which the Cleveland Indians found it nearly impossible to score runs, …Read the Rest

They Won the Battle, but Lost the War

October 1, 2012

This weekend, the Kansas City Royals assured that they would win the season series against the Indians, despite the fact …Read the Rest

Francona, Alomar, or Someone Completely Different?

September 30, 2012

The Indians have hit the gound running in their search for a new manager – they will interview Terry Francona …Read the Rest

Me of little faith

September 30, 2012

In the 2nd inning of Saturday night’s game, my husband walked into the living room and asked “How do you …Read the Rest