Trying to escape the haunting memories of Sunday’s loss to the Red Sox, the Tribe traveled to Cincinnati to take on the Reds.  Cleveland’s issues are starting to pile up in a very negative way.  The most notable issue involves the bullpen and its inability to shut down opposing hitters.  This was again the case today, as Nick Hagadone gave up a two-run bomb to Joey Votto in the 8th that would cost Cleveland the game.

To start the game, Shin-Soo Choo joined Travis Hafner as former Indians that have homered against the Tribe this season.  Choo has been fantastic this season for the Reds, giving them the potent leadoff hitter they needed.  The Indians responded in the fourth with a sacrifice fly from Carlos Santana.  The Reds would tack on another run in the sixth inning, but the Indians would tie it up in the eighth inning on a pinch-hit homerun from Jason Giambi.  Giambi broke out of his 0-24 slump with the 467-foot bomb, showing how beneficial it is to have a guy on the bench who can go deep at any time.

Ubaldo Jimenez continues to confuse Indians fans, pitching well today after his abysmal outing against Detroit.  He went seven innings and only gave up a pair of runs.  It would be nice to see consistency from the sporadic starter, but it’s nice to see him bounce back with a strong showing.  After Jimenez’s day was done, Hagadone took to the mound, where he would give up the two-run blast to Votto.

The ninth inning is when things got extremely tense.  Nick Swisher arrived at the plate to face Aroldis Chapman, and Chapman proceeded to throw a fastball well above Swisher’s head.  The pitch wasn’t too close, but close enough to warrant a long stare down from Swisher.  When Swisher stepped back in, Chapman fired a 100 mph heater that barely missed Swisher’s head.  At this point, I certainly would not have been surprised if Swisher charged the mound.  A 100 mph fastball to the head could do a significant amount of damage, and Swisher knows that.  Swisher instead showed some composure by opting for a verbal exchange instead of a physical exchange.  He then nearly hit one out of the park, and had some more words for Chapman as he ran past the mound to the dugout.

The attempt to hit Swisher was about as low-class as it gets for Chapman.  If he had a problem with Swisher’s stare down after the previous pitch he certainly should not be throwing at his head.  What’s even more astounding is the fact that there was no warning handed out by home plate umpire Paul Schrieber.  You can bet that in tomorrow’s game the Tribe will deal some retaliation out.  You’ve got to protect your team’s leaders, and Nick Swisher is certainly one of those leaders.



-Carlos Santana had a rough day defensively, giving up two passed balls and failing to corral a throw from Stubbs that could have saved a run.

-Michael Bourn continues to impress with his speed when he made a great running catch in the bottom of the 7th.

-There was a controversial call by the umpires in the 6th inning.  Zack Cozart hit a double to left and the ball looked to have either been on the line, or just missing to the left.


  • James says:

    You’re manufacturing a controversy with Chapman. He has bouts of wildness and has not been on top of his game of late. Do some background work before you accuse someone of headhunting–that’s a serious charge.

    • Sean Porter says:

      I did some extensive background work today, and the results are in:

      James is blind. Like Ray Charles blind.

  • Sam Butts says:

    Were you watching the same game that I was? The first one may have been caused by his “bouts of wildness”, but the second one was undoubtedly deliberate.

  • Hugh Jass says:

    I can give Chapman a break on that first pitch. But when have you seen two wild pitches, back-to-back, both at head level? Sorry sport, that was intentional. If I were Votto, I’d have some Bengay on hand today.

  • Ben Wagar says:

    I’ve got to agree with Mr. Butts. The first may have been “wildness” (probably not), but after Swish stared him down, he went for his head. Stop trying to make excuses for the bush league maneuver.

    He only has 10 walks this year in 24 innings. He isn’t wild, he’s childish. Maybe you should read your last line, and think about a black kettle.

  • Jerry Greer says:

    Sorry excuse for a team……

  • shaun says:

    surprised chapman didn’t get tossed with swisher getting a warning…first pitch was wild and even as a tribes diehard, i think swisher pissed off chapman with the staredown. chapman was probably thinking “ok ***hole, if i was going for your head, this is what you’d get…” and proceeded to try and take his head off…thats uncalled for…silly boys

  • Sean Porter says:

    All I know is this: I’ll definitely be watching tonights game with interest. Could get real interesting, real quick.

  • shaun says:


    nope, not yet…b6th
    indians just can’t get the offense going…

    • Sean Porter says:

      This lineup can score some runs, but lets be honest here. There is not a legit #3 or #4 hitter on the Indians roster. Frustrating.

  • Sean Porter says:

    The Bullpen Mafia is collectively in the trunk of a Cadillac, wrapped up in plastic and duct tape at this point.