How hot it Jason Kipnis right now?
Let’s break it down:

From The beginning of the season through April 30th, Jason’s stat line looked like this:

AVG: .200 / OBP: .269 / SLG: .286
14 H: 3 2B, 0 3B, 1 HR; 4 RBI

It was ugly. There were some hushed whispers about sending Jason down to Columbus to “figure it out.” But then, when all hope seemed lost, something clicked for the Indians’ second baseman; as the calendar turned from April to May, Kipnis started to hit. Nearly three weeks into the month, he hasn’t stopped (From May 1):

AVG: .295 / OBP: .362 / SLG: .738
18 H: 5 2B, 2 3B, 6 HR; 19 RBI

For the majority of this hot streak, Kipnis was doing his damage in the early part of games; his first five home runs were hit in the first inning. In the last few days, however, Jason has hit big home runs in the latter part of games as well, a statistic punctuated by his 10th-inning walk-off homer. Though he will eventually have to cool off a little bit, the Indians are more than happy to climb on the back of their star-in-the-making second baseman.

Here’s a heat-map, to illustrate my point:

Pitch inside if you dare.

Pitch inside if you dare.


  • Seattle Stu says:

    what incompetence looks like – chris perez.

    • The Doctor says:

      he’s really awful, isn’t he? mark my words, if we make the playoffs, perez will be the one to sink us. i truly believe the team would be improved simply by getting rid of him.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    he has a proud tradition to uphold, and he hasn’t failed us…..jose mesa….bob wickman….joe borowski…kerry wood…chris perez….inducing heart attacks, soiling polyester & crushing dreams since the mid-90′s….it wasnt easy, but he even managed to nose out mesa in the always competitive a-hole sub-category….congrats chris….may your mis-shapen, doughy endomorph continue to plague half full stadiums for many years to come in future career stops.

  • Steve Alex says:

    I guess serving up a couple of taters doesn’t do much for your popularity.

    • medfest says:

      Since becoming the Tribe’s full time closer in 2010,Perez has saved 89% of his save opportunities.

      As a comparison,Craig Kimbrel has saved 88% and Mariano Rivera has saved 90% of their lifetime save opportunities.

      Perez is hardly what I would call awful.At least on the mound.

      Sometimes major league hitters hit major league pitchers,it’s what makes the game fun.

  • Jeroth1 says:

    I could see how someone could complain about how much Perez making in ratio to the total team salary(just under 10%) given the position he plays and that next year he will make over 10 million. I feel he is worth that money completely just not for the Indians and where their payroll is at, so hopefully this offseason they can get something for him including a set up man to replace Vinny since he would be closing. Yes closers blow saves sometimes.

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