The first day after the baseball season ends always makes me feel a bit uprooted, a bit aimless. Last, night, I kept flipping over to STO looking for the Indians the way you sometimes repeatedly open the refrigerator in hopes that something appetizing will have magically appeared there in the five minutes since you last looked. The husband and I watched a couple of reruns of The Big Bang Theory we had recorded on DVR, but it just wasn’t the same.

I know we still have the playoffs and the World Series, but that’s like watching the popular kids pair off at a junior high dance while the rest of us are forced to watch from the sidelines. When I was a baseball-obsessed kid, my brother and the neighbor kids would play ball all day and watch the Indians every night. But as soon as the regular season ended,we picked up the football and never looked back. The Indians teams we watched were so bad and consistently finished so far back that it was easier to ignore the post-season. It was 1995 before I even acknowledged that baseball was played after September 30.

The Indians teams of the mid-1990s and early 2000s got me out of my post-season dissociative state. The 2011 Indians toyed with my emotions more than my college boyfriend did, but they kept me interested up until the end, even when they were no longer in contention. For that, I thank them.

Over the next few weeks, Stephanie, Vern, and I will be writing about some of our favorite moments from the past season and will share our hopes for what the team could look like in 2012. Thanks to all the readers of We hope you’ll keep reading and commenting during the off-season (okay, and during the post-season).

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