Yeah, it is over and done and now it is nothing more than a peculiar situation that the Indians got the good end of. This is the last that you will hear of it from me. I promise.

But an assertion from Peter Gammons that Hernandez may have just chucked a replay altogether because he simply does not like, or want, replay in baseball? That is straight-out brass stones. And if this starts to gain any legs, it just might end up giving Hernandez the pink-slip that he’s been way overdue for.

Probably not. But it is an interesting take and it’s just about as believable as the possibility of the three umpires who huddled to look at the replay being more blind than Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles together.

But onwards to bigger, and now, more important things in Detroit.


  • Shep says:

    I was listening to the interview with Dan Patrick when he said it. I’m of the mind that something more is going to come out from this in the next few weeks. And, I’ll be surprised if Hernandez isn’t let go in the off season.

    Btw – just came across this blog the other day. Keep up the great work!

  • medfest says:

    How about the clowns in the Angels/Astros game?
    How in the hell can a major league umpire get confused by the simple every pitcher has to face one batter rule?

    The crazy thing is CB Buckner wasn’t even involved in either of these examples of gross incompetence.

  • Sean Porter says:

    I honestly can’t remember a game with Angel Hernandez behind the plate where people weren’t getting irate over his strike zone, etc… It’s all the time.

    He’s the latter-day Eric Gregg.