Good vibes all around as the Indians win their 6th straight. (AP Photo/ Credit: Tony Dejak)

Good vibes all around as the Indians win their 6th straight. (AP Photo/ Credit: Tony Dejak)

Throughout the Indians’ 5-game winning streak, the team has enjoyed MAJOR contributions from unheralded and unexpected sources. First, it was Ryan Raburn being possessed by the spirit of Babe Ruth that left Kansas City and Philadelphia pitchers shaking their heads. Then, last night it was Drew Stubbs who put together three doubles and drove in the winning run. For the most part, the parts of the Indians lineup that were expected to be major contributors have been hurt or slumping (with the obvious exception of Mark Reynolds), but still this team has found a way to win five straight games for the first time in over two years.

This game, however, was something altogether different from the other wins this team has had in the past week. Nick Swisher, sidelined for a couple games by a sore shoulder, came back and swatted a long home run in the first (smiling all the way… boy, does that guy enjoy life or what?). Mark Reynolds stayed within himself and drove some nice soft singles to center, a nice change of pace from his normal swing-from-the-heels approach. Jason Kipnis is starting to heat up, with his second triple in as many days to go along with a homer and a couple runs batted in. Even old friend Zeke Carrera managed to chip in a couple hits and an RBI. All in all, it was a very efficient and complete effort from the offense, very much in line with what we expected coming into this season.

The pitching was shaky but effective. Scott Kazmir continues to shake off the rust as he gave the team a quality start (6IP, 2 ER, 7Ks). Apparently Vinnie Pestano felt some elbow ouchies but he’s okay, but that’s what is behind all the bullpen insanity. Joe Smith looked a bit shaky in the 8th, but got through it (I really think he’s simply more comfortable in the 7th). Chris Perez came in for a little bit of work and worked around a couple base runners to finish off the game and extend the Indians winning streak to 6 games.

The Indians are now one game over .500 for the first time since early April, and will go for the sweep of the Minnesota Twins at 1pm tomorrow at Progressive Field. Corey Kluber will square off against righty Mike Pelfrey. Last I checked the weather still looked good, so hopefully a nice crowd will turn up to cheer on the Tribe to a sweep.

It certainly feels good to be winning.

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  • Travis says:

    Everytime I see Chris Perez pitch it reminds me of the days of Joe Borowski. He just always seems to get himself in jams and makes 9th innings way more exciting than they should be. I used to always let the rumors of him being traded go in one ear and out the other, but now I am starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be such a bad thing and give the closer’s job to Pestano eventually.

    • The Doctor says:

      Perez, Borowski, Wickman – when was the last time we had a closer you actually thought could consistently get 3 outs in a row? Before those three our “closer” was Steve Karsay… ugh. It honestly seems like Perez is incapable of finishing out a game unless he allows a leadoff double and at least one walk or HBP first.

  • Sean Porter says:

    Where exactly is the “sweet of the Minnesota Twins” located – and would the Tribe have to take the Twins out to a movie and dinner first? haha!

    Total team effort today – and nice to see a good crowd show up.

    • medfest says:

      Seventeen thousand on a beautiful Saturday afternoon is a good crowd?
      I doubt Shapiro and Antonetti would call it that.I can’t.

      • Sean Porter says:

        Yeah, I missed most of the game, but the crowd shots I did see looked to me like 25,000+ fans… Saw the box score later and was rather disappointed. 17,000 is a joke.

    • Mary Jo says:

      If we win all three games it WILL be “sweet”! And if I were on the team I would want chocolate. ;-)

  • Drew says:

    To be fair, Chris Perez’ troubles began after Kipnis’ error.

  • medfest says:

    Good win today.
    Kazmir got better as the game progressed,striking out the side on three filthy pitches in the fourth.
    Two solo shots in the first and then some nice hitting to plate four more,with the Twins defense helping a bit(Willingham was in wheelchair mode in left all day).
    The bullpen gave up a run,but closed it out.

    Sunday Sweep!

  • Adam Hintz says:

    Gah, I finally fixed the typo everyone keeps referencing.

    I have successfully covered up my shame :)

  • Drew says:

    Also, calling Scott Kazmir shaky is unfair. Other than the 2nd inning where he threw over 30 pitches and the homer in the 5th, he was excellent. He touched 94 mph on his fastball, 7K in 6 innings. 5 hits and 1 walk ( a 1.00 WHIP for the day), and threw 70% of his pitches for strikes. It wasn’t dominating but it was an effective quality start.

  • Adam Hintz says:

    Drew, it was easily Kazmir’s best start as an Indian (and I am squarely aboard the bandwagon as it is).

    The pitching performance as a whole was a bit shaky, though, but did manage to limit the damage to three runs. The second inning, especially, was tough to watch, though Kazmir did settle down and breeze through the fifth and sixth innings.

    Joe Smith was shaky in the 8th, and Perez did his normal tightrope walking in the 9th. We can look back and say it was a solid performance all around (9IP 3ER) but make no mistake, the Twins did leave some opportunities on the basepaths (and that’s why they’re going to be a last place team).