The 2013 Indians season:

Win 2
Lose 3
Win 1
Lose 2
Win 2
Lose 5
Win 3
Lose 3
Win 3

This sure is a fun team to watch when they score 33 runs in three games, but this can’t continue. A combination of streaky hitting and inconsistent pitching is a recipe for disaster, and the 2013 Indians have flirted with that multiple times this year. And at some point one of these three-game losing streaks is going to snowball into an eight or 10-game streak if the offense doesn’t become more consistent.

It’s tough to be down on the team for scoring 14 runs against Roy Halladay, but I’m frustrated after this performance.

For the past few years we’ve watched the Indians suffer through multiple losing streaks. It was tough, but there was nothing to get too upset about. They simply weren’t that good.

But this team can hit and score runs in bunches. So how does a team that can score 33 runs in three games, score six runs in the previous four games?

As a Tribe fan, I’ll always enjoy nights like tonight, even when the team has no chance to compete for the playoffs. But this team is clearly capable of making a run, and now that we’re a full month into the season it’s time for the bats to stay hot on a nightly basis.

A few other notes on the game…

  • Ryan Raburn joins Travis Hafner and Jim Thome as the only Indians with multi-home run games on consecutive nights. How’s that for a list?
  • This was just the third time in Indians history that six different players homered in game, and amazingly it never happened in the 1990s. The 2009 Indians did so against the Yankees and the 2004 Tribe accomplished the feat against the Mariners.
  • Roy Halladay had given up just six runs in his previous three starts against the Tribe, but yielded eight in just over three innings tonight.
  • Mark Reynolds wraps up April with 22 RBI, the fifth most in team history.


  • Steve Alex says:

    Wow. How depressing. If you are that negative when the team plays great and wins by 12 runs, you must be suicidal when they lose. Talk about a glass-is-half-empty guy.

  • Mary Jo says:

    Starting with the last series of the road trip (Kansas) the Tribe was playing hurry-up-and-wait. If you remember, Hammy said the team arrived in KC Wednesday night. They didn’t get to play until Saturday. That’s a long time for a ML player to have to wait to do their job. The weather has been awful this first month. Hopefully when they can play on a regular basis they’ll keep winning. After all, once the mold wore off from those 3 days of sitting the Tribe has been on a tear.

  • DaveR says:

    I agree with Steve. They now have a bunch of stud hitters who can explode on anyone at anytime. Bourn has been out awhile and a couple other guys are coming off some minor injuries so it might only get better. If anything it’s exciting that Kluber, Jimenez, and McAllister put together back-to-back quality outings.

    The only teams they really stunk it up against are currently the best in the game right now.