Carlos Carrasco can spin it all he wants, but the evidence doesn’t support his claim.

I really want to say I’m sorry,” Carrasco said afterwards. Well, sorry Cookie, but sorry doesn’t cut it this time.

You can hear Billy Butler laughing.

Look, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that he was frustrated. A seemingly infinite storm of bad stuff hit last night, and that’s going to happen from time to time. That’s just baseball.

What can’t be ignored is that for the second time this week, an opposing manager is fingering us with intent. Joe Maddon’s beef is or was ridiculous. Girardi’s however, is a hundred percent justified, as was Youkilis’ comments. The Indians have enough problems right now trying to find someone other than Masterson who can string some livable innings together. This is one thing that Terry Francona should not have to deal with on top of Carrasco’s general inability to escape damage. Had Carrasco been able to keep his head, it would’ve been much easier to write the night off as just a bad night with a backup lineup unequipped to deal with Andy Pettitte’s customary mastery.

But as it stands, the red flag of immaturity that made the Phillies so eager to part with Carrasco stood visible for all the world to see. It’s now up to Carrasco to make his words mean something. They are as hollow as they can be right now.


  • Drew says:

    Getting suspended for throwing a batter is bad enough. To do it again in the very first outing after serving the suspension is inexcusable. This isn’t about being a baby, this about having a job or not having a job. He, after all, didn’t even make the opening day rotation. He was placed on the roster because of his 6-game suspension and he then started game 8. He was never going to start game 7 since it was the home opener.

    So Game 8 it was if at all. And that was chosen for him because Scott Kazmir is on the DL and the 5th spot became open. Put Bauer in for the sport start for game 5, pitch Carrasco in Game 8, hey if he is good, he can stick around until Kazmir is healthy, and Myers and McAllister get an extra day of rest! But if he is no good, he heads back to Columbus to get more work and then someone else can pitch in the 5th spot the next time it comes around.

    So now, he will remain on the 25-man roster until MLB decides how long his suspension is, since he will be suspended. Therefore he will take up a roster spot that could be used by someone who, I don’t know, could actually contribute to the team, a novel concept, right? But from some guy who hasn’t ever really shown any skill superior to that of Jeanmar Gomez – who was traded to the Pirates for 2 large pizzas – I suggest that the Indians DFA him.

  • The Doctor says:

    Well, even if it wasn’t for the beaning, walking Francisco Cervelli should be grounds for an Indians-issued suspension.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    Let’s keep it positive gang….on the plus side –
    * i enjoyed seeing the current ERAs for Carraso & Myers in this AM’s Seattle Times….Carrasco 217.18 and Myers, 412.19…who says they cant hit triple digits?
    * we wont have to endure Perez ripping Cleveland fans for not showing up ahead of the 2nd half collapse

  • medfest says:

    12,000 fans showed up for a Yankees game in pleasant 65 degree weather?…….12,000?
    Perez doesn’t have to rip the fans,they already aren’t showing up, so why bother.
    It’s time to face it,Cleveland is a lousy sports town.

  • Seattle Stu says:

    sounds to me like the fans are quite prescient….