September 9, 2011

Well, the Indians have done so poorly against the White Sox this season that having them lead for two innings and tie for six innings actually seems like an accomplishment. It was also nice to see David Huff have a good outing, going six innings, giving up three earned runs, and striking out five, and walking only two.* So what happened?

Okay, stop  me if  you think you’ve heard this one before–the starting pitching was solid but didn’t get backed up by any run support. The White Sox had eight runs on eight hits. We had seven hits, which should be enough to score more than one run.  So it wasn’t a matter of getting hits so much as putting the hits together to score some runs. Either way, it’s the same old song, right?

*A nice sidenote: The Indians pitching staff has given up 386 walks so far this season, which is the third fewest in the majors. The pitching staff also has 900 strikeouts which, sadly, is also third fewest in the majors. I guess it’s really true–you win some,  you lose some.

My hope for the remainder of the season is that  Kipnis, Chisenhall, Carrera, Phelps, and Hagadone get more playing time and more major league experience to prepare them for next season. And belated props to Shelley Duncan for two two-homer games in one week. I’m glad they’ve kept him around.

What about you, fellow Indians fans? Short of a late-season miracle surge, anything you’d like to see in the last 20 games?


  • Gregory says:

    Nothing’s changed. I still love the Tribe — only slightly less than I used to.

  • Jay says:

    I would like to see Grady Sizemore show management that they should keep him around for next season.

  • SeattleStu says:

    im hoping sizemore & hafner kill it so we can get something for them and dump their egregious salaries.

  • Tom Kallis says:

    Sure hope they don’t resign Hafner, his best days are behind him. Hope Thome plays another year. Gotta give the young kids playin time, thats how they will progress.

  • Jay says:

    @SeattleStu. What do you mean by “get something for them?” Are you talking about prospects or big name free agents?