If the 2013 Indians are as good on the field as they are at making videos, it’s going to be a fantastic season.  First, the Indians made a Harlem Shake video.  They took a meme that was probably already played out a couple of months ago, and still managed to make it hilarious.  Between Terry Francona shaking his money maker at the beginning, and the impressively creative costumes, they produced something memorable and entertaining.

The Indians really hit a grand slam with their new video, “Say hello to TERRi.”  Not only am I impressed by the idea behind the video, but there are actually some good (and funny) acting performances.  I don’t want to spoil it, in case you haven’t seen it.  Let’s just say that Francona makes sure that he’s with everyone at all times.

While these are silly, and fun for fans to watch, I actually think things like this are good for the club.  It’s a chance for them to have fun, and a way for them to bond with each other.  After the miserable ending to last season, it probably feels good for the returning players to take part it something light hearted.


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