Finally a game that is televised! This is my last game before I head home tonight, and it was already 5-0 by the time I got to my seat. Never a good thing.  There’s no mercy rule in spring training, unlike the early rounds of the WBC.  Hopefully this doesn’t get much worse.

George Foster is here signing autographs. I’ve seen a lot of former players this week signing autographs for charity.  My favorite was Lee Smith. It was the second time I’ve met him and he remains one of the nicest/coolest players I’ve ever met. He treats every person like they’re a long lost friend.

They have these people get on the dugout between innings and they try to make people do aerobics. Even Zizzy joined in. I know come to the ballpark for the between-innings aerobics.

Cord Phelps continues to impress.  Could be a spring fluke, but I’m still impressed. Chris McGuiness is introduced as “the flying Irishman.” He made the ball fly (har har). Every time I see Dusty Baker, I immediately think of that time his son was batboy in the 2002 World Series and almost got run over at home plate.  They need a “what ever happened to…” with that kid, because he’s be 14 or 15 now.  George Foster just caught Juan Diaz’s foul ball.

In the middle of the 5th, they had a dance off between an Indians fan and a Reds fan. The Indians fan, who went by the name “Cash Money” won after doing back flips on the dugout. The Reds may have had the playoffs last year, but we take the between innings spring training dance contest.

I can’t tell you how many completely obliterated bats I’ve seen this spring.

Chris McGuiness has looked pretty good this spring. Since he was a Rule 5 pick, he has to make the roster or be offered back to the Rangers. The Indians may be able to work out a trade to keep him though, if worse comes to worse.

My cousin just sent me a text that said nothing but “Fat Crapps.”  And I laughed a bunch, because we’re adults.

Billy Hamilton was pretty much most of the way to second by the time they caught that fly ball in the outfield.  A small part of me secretly hoped it fell, because I wanted to see him run. There’s this video on You Tube of him stealing second, and they dubbed in a little “meep meep” sound like the Road Runner.

Great play off the wall to hold Cedric Hunter to a single. I don’t hear the Cedric Hunter fan club today.

Lady behind me inserted “Dodgers” into the “root root” part of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. She’s very confused. It’s hot, you’ve been drinking green beer, it happens. I’m drinking green lemonade.

The ballpark smells mildly like a sewer today. Thought I was imagining it, but people around me noticed too. It’s been mostly present throughout the game.

Vendor walking around wish who wished Choo was in today’s game. Guy in front of me (Reds fan) sarcastically said that Indians fans are going to love Drew Stubbs. Then he proceeded to complain about Drew Stubbs. He’s gone dude, chill. He’s our problem now.

Damn, the Reds are absolutely punishing Cody Allen’s pitches.

I’m so sad that my final game is winding down. Think people will be creeped out if I just start loudly weeping?

Wow, everyone just watched that Omir Santos homer fly out of here. Long gone. Homer and a nice throw to second to catch a runner stealing.

When Carlos Moncrief hit that home run, there were audible gasps from the people around me. Just absolutely punished that ball.

Well, thank you Indians, for tying this. I wasn’t quite ready for it to be over and now I get at least another half inning.


  • joey says:

    ugh, it looks so warm,and beautiful…wish i was there…im jealous,have a safe trip home,thanks for doing a great job on keeping us informed.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Thanks! It’s nice today…cooled off a bit. It was in the 90s but it’s around 85. I need some time away from the sun so my sunburn can heal!

  • Mary Jo says:

    1) Thanks, Steph, for your eyewitness accounts. Like being there! (oh, who am I kidding? I don’t have any sunburn, just snow mold…)
    2) Hope you had a chance to find a Filiberto’s. If not, I’m sure they’ll be around for many spring trainings to come.
    3) Re: “Fat Crapps” and being adult. “Adult” is what happens when you grow older. You HAVE to grow older, but you don’t HAVE to grow up! ;-)

  • medfest says:

    I hope that Drew Stubbs “fan” enjoys watching Choo circle a fly ball as it goes over his head, as many times as I have.

    Shaw looked good today,he threw a couple of pitches that were just filthy over his two innings.

    Aloe vera and more aloe vera for that burn.

  • Chris Burnham says:

    I thought was cool how the they did the telecast today, with the Reds TV crew (Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh) “welcomed” STO to the FOX brand by basically splitting and mixing it up with Matt and Rick. Pretty neat telecast today.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Mary Jo – I went to go try Filberto’s tonight, because it was the first night I didn’t have set dinner plans (I was also in Phoenix for a conference). When I got to the one near me, it was closed…I guess that one closes early on Sundays. I didn’t want to waste too much time since I had to get to the airport, so I grabbed a bite elsewhere. Then I passed one open 24 hours! Good news is, it’s probably in walking distance from the hotel I usually stay in. Snow mold made me laugh by the way.

    medfest – I think most of the guys in competition for bullpen spots this spring have looked pretty good. Particularly Shaw, Hagadone, and Joe Smith (I think his injury is healing.) And those Reds fans were treating this game like it’s a must-win in the playoffs or something. My worst burn is on my back because I drank a bunch of beer and fell asleep at the pool one day. Not my finest moment. Anyway, I’m sure my husband will be thrilled by the fact that I’m most excited to see him is so he can rub aloe on my back!

    Chris – My dad told me that, it sounded neat. He kept trying to see me on TV, since I was right behind home. He kept sending me texts like “I can see you, you’re behind the girl with a green shirt and a ponytail. You’re wearing pink.” I had on gray, and there were some dudes in Reds gear in front of me. Twin is on the loose again, I guess.