As Opening Day approaches, It’s Pronounced Lajaway would  like to add a couple of new writers to its ranks.  The new writer(s) would ideally write 1 to 2 posts per week (or more if interested).

If you enjoy talking and writing about the Tribe, this may be the spot for you!


1. Knowledgeable about the Indians.

2. Ability to write clearly and accurately

3. Willingness to take constructive criticism from Stephanie and Susan, if necessary.

4. Reliable and able to commit to writing on a regular basis during both the regular season and the off-season.

What we need from you:

1. A bit of personal information.  We don’t need a life story, but we’d also like to know a little bit about what makes you tick!

2. Why do you want to blog about the Tribe?

3. A sample blog post.  This may sound vague, but that’s kind of the point.  Every day, we try to think of unique ideas or unique approaches to topics (some days, more successfully than others!)  We’d like bloggers who can think of creative ideas and add their own unique touch to the blog.  The sky is the limit with this – current topic, historical topic, sabermetrics…it’s your call.  It can be any length you want, but keep in mind that most blog posts are less than 1,000 to 1,200 words.


Unfortunately this is not a paying gig. ItsPronouncedLajaway is (unfortunately) a labor of love for both of us.  However, there could be some free Indians tickets in it for you, and there’s also the possibility of your work being featured on the  ESPN SweetSpot.  Plus you’d be able to say that you wrote for an affiliate blog, which may be helpful if you’re looking to break into a career in baseball writing.

If this seems interesting to you, please e-mail the sample post, personal info, and response to “why you want to blog about the Tribe” to – Subject line: Blogger Application.  The deadline for submissions is noon EST on Friday, March 22.  We’ll review submissions from interested parties and will be in touch with finalists. You do not need to live in the Cleveland area to love or write about the Tribe.


  • joey says:


  • Sean Porter says:

    If I wasn’t in school, this would be awfully intriguing…

    Oh well, it will save you guys from reading such blogs from me as “An In-Depth Breakdown of Felix Fermin’s ONE Career Homerun”… or “Catching Up With the Fat Slob who Took a Fastball to His Chest After One Too Many ‘HEY JOEY!” Taunts Directed Towards Albert Belle”…

    You are welcome. ;o)

    • Stephanie Liscio says:

      It’s not like this is the only time we’ll ever do this…there will be chances in the future!

      (And I’ve always been a fan of Felix Fermin, sadly)!

  • Sean Porter says:

    Correction: Felix Fermin had FOUR career homers. I would have failed the “accuracy” part of the interview process horribly. *hangs head in shame, whilst dreaming of a Cleveland Indians “Felix Fermin Bobblehead Night”*

  • Dean says:

    I am looking for any living relatives of Bill Wambsganss. I have an aautographed scrapbook of the 1920 World Series, that he signed for my father-in law. I thought a family member might like it. If you know of any, please let me know. Thanks

    • Susan Petrone says:

      Hi Dean,
      I don’t have any connections to the Wambsganss family. I know he lived in Cleveland just about all his life. The SABR BioProject bio ( of Wamby has some good insights–some of his children use “Wamby” as a last name. The author references an email from grandson Michael Wamby, so perhaps the author of the bio could give you a contact email address. I’m sure his family would appreciate the scrapbook.

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