First of all, thanks for all of the well wishes while I’ve been on the disabled list.  I’m still not quite 100%, but I’m definitely doing much better.  I’m hoping that this post is coherent and not riddled with errors since I’m still on some pretty heavy duty pain medication…my brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders yet!

I saw a stat before the game that Justin Masterson is 9-0 if the Indians score 4+ runs in one of his starts.  After tonight that mark moves to 10-0, although the Indians needed all 5 of their runs to win this one.  I was getting a bit nervous as the Royals kept creeping back in this one, but luckily Vinnie Pestano and Chris Perez shut the Royals’ offense down at the end of the game.

The Indians do so poorly against Bruce Chen, and Chen has had such a great season at home, I figured this was going to be typical of a Masterson start.  Masterson holds the opposing team to just a couple of runs, but the Indians struggle and never really produce at the plate.  The Tribe’s offense looked great in the first couple of innings, but seemed to fall asleep after Jason Donald’s home run made it 5-0.  Fortunately it was enough to get them the victory.

Let’s hope that Asdrubal Cabrera’s injury is just a bruise and that he’ll be back without a trip to the DL.  He swung at a terrible pitch; it was so far inside it just seemed to head straight for his knee.  I was surprised he hit one out later in the at-bat.

This is an important series for the Indians with the Tigers coming to town on Monday.  If the Indians do well this weekend against the Royals, and come out strong against Detroit next week, they could really keep this race tight throughout September.  The Indians will see Justin Verlander on Wednesday (against Justin Masterson) which should be a great matchup.  I mentioned in a past post that the Indians tend to struggle in day games (yesterday’s game was no exception) so hopefully they can break that streak and conquer a very tough Verlander.


  • SeattleStu says:

    whew….i was beginning to get frustrated at our lineup’s struggles against hochevar, but i did some research and turns out he has a career 5.40 ERA and a 28-42 record….he also plays for the mighty royals who are only 25 under .500 and just 20 games out of first….for the many uncrtiical thome lovers in the house, can u get some oil cans and limber our boy up?…cy hovechar is throwing some gas past our 600 man.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I’ve been complaining about the offense all throughout the game at my house, to nobody in particular. In the midst of my complaints, my dog walked over and peed on the rug. I like to think that’s her commentary on the Indians’ performance thus far.

  • SeattleStu says:

    can your dog swing a bat?….

  • SeattleStu says:

    this game is looking like the last one against Oakland…sleepwalking.

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