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Terry Pluto caught up with the Indians CEO to discuss many of the topics that just a season ago weren’t even considered to be broached upon. Paul sounds like a much more affable man these days, but finally giving the fans something to look forward to certainly lends a hand in his opening up.

It might sound insignificant, but it was nice to finally hear someone from the Dolan camp say that the way of business wasn’t working; almost as if to say that the fans knew what they were doing by choosing not to show up. People at the very least want to watch passable professional baseball. And what we have gotten in recent years, aside from the magic carpet ride of ’07, barely qualified. The fans certainly knew that this version of “The Plan” wasn’t working. I’m still not totally convinced that “The Plan” this time around wasn’t just the the ol’ “throw-stuff-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks” mode of operation. I’m no businessman, but I’m pretty sure that sets you up for failure in any walk of life, and it seems that the Indians were a bit slow on grasping the concept.

It’s nice to really get a good look at the process from which we aren’t always privy to. Being that Indians fans have grown accustomed to seemingly questioning every single move that is given the green-light, it is no wonder that we’ve not seen this openness from a Dolan family member.

(And you would hope that they aren’t capable of an absolutely absurd and unethical bait-and-switch tactic like the Marlins went through. At least, we all would hope that no one else could be that evil. Again.)

All in all, a pretty revealing and exciting read from a man who has a bit of an extra bounce in his steps these days. Let’s hope that this remains the new way of doing things, and not just a delicious, one-season tease.


  • Sean Porter says:

    I have to say, after last season I was totally disgusted with the Indians organization, and the Dolans specifically. I had defended them for years, from the Bartolo Colon trade (many Tribe fans lost their minds initially on that trade) to now, but my patience was running on fumes during/after last season. The glaring holes in the roster going into last year were obvious to Ray Charles, yet we got Shelly Duncan and Johnny Damon – while Jason Willingham (signed to a very affordable deal that the Tribe refused to match) seemingly was hitting a homerun every night.
    This offseason still seems like a dream. The Tribe offseason moves look like what a 16 year old would suggest on a blog or message board during November. Think about it: If someone suggested that the Indians would sign Swisher, Bourn, and Reynolds, AND trade for a top-rated pitching prospect who has already got his feet wet in the majors, we would have collectively laughed until we lost control of our facilities.
    Will the ’13 Indians go the playoffs? We don’t know. The team still has it’s weaknesses (read: starting pitching) and may still be closer to a 80 win team than a 90+ win team.
    One thing is certain though: At least we as Indians fans know that the organization tried this offseason. I know as a lifelong Tribe fan, that matters to me.

    • joey says:

      amen to that! thx mr. dolan for taking a chance and spending wisely. with us getting tito to coach has suddenly changed everything. players will start to want to come here and more importantly stay was a perfect storm that finally went our way.if they draft better and keep implameting one or two key players each off season,theres no reason they cant turn this orginazation into something like st.louis has. the fans might not show up right away,but im willing to bet everything that once we start winning on a regular basis and prove were willing to keep players past their arbitration yrs,than its on,another 455 sellouts in a row!

      • joey says:

        if dolan does a bait and switch,i would sugjest he runs or sells faster than are old pal art!

  • medfest says:

    The “Plan ” didn’t work because the Indians farm system produced no one of consequence since Victor Martinez.First rounders like Trevor Crowe and Jeremy Sowers’ lack of talent was apparent to even casual fans.
    Hafner and Sizemore going belly up with injuries,trading talent because the manager didn’t like them,the list goes on.

    This off season it seems like things finally broke the Tribe’s way:
    Signing Francona instead of another nameless schlub.
    Victarino turning down his offer and the Tribe ending up with the far superior(and entertaining) Swisher instead.
    Turning one year of a platoon hitting,foolish base running,fielding black hole into 3 usable players and a potential #1 or 2 starter.
    Signing two guys with something to prove to short term contracts.
    Trading for a bonafide utility infielder who can actually play shortstap AND hit major league pitching.
    Taking advantage of the new CBA to pick a nice player up for a good price.

    These are smart moves….Lucky moves…….I hope.

    Still,the farm system is a big question mark.Impact players look to be at least 2-3 years away.

    Ultimately will the fans show up?

    I wouldn’t bet the over on 2 million total for the season.

    • Sean Porter says:

      Good post medfest… I agree – the Indians HAVE to start drafting and developing players better to compete on a consistent basis.

      And to get to the 2 million mark in attendance, the Tribe would have to average about 4,000 more a game than last year. Sales are up, but that’s a sizable jump. They need to jump out to a fast start like the last two years, and sustain it past the All-Star break.

      Having an unseasonably warm (and dry) April and May would help too, of course.

  • Steve Alex says:

    It was very refreshing to get some honesty and straight talk from the top. That’s a good way to build relationship and credibility with the fan base. What a difference a year makes.

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