I mean, at this point, the poor dude could be had for twenty bucks, probably.

I’m kidding of course, and I admit that there are probably glaring signs that explain exactly why he’s without a job that I am not observant or smart enough to catch. The apparent toxicity of Lohse’s market is clear proof that no one, at least openly, wants this guy. I haven’t heard of any recent physical problems, either.

I just don’t understand why a solid third- or fourth-spot guy like this is still sitting there waiting. (And a few of you are burning holes into your monitor because you can’t burn into my soul directly. I apologize if I have ruined your computers from wherever it is that you are sitting.)

The guy has never been great, but I would trust him more than I would a guy like Scott Kazmir in the long run. We need the pitching, and Tito’s mantra on the matter is “When you think you have enough, get more.” At this point, I don’t think it could hurt. A couple folks here have mentioned trying to trade for Josh Beckett; scoff-worthy for sure, in my opinion. Health, high salary and declining stuff? Not to mention another mercurial attitude to boot? One pain in the butt is enough, thank you. Sure, he might like pitching for Francona again, but for my money (playing Larry for a minute), Lohse would be the better and safer play.

Feel free to call me a clown or question my sanity, but I think Lohse needs to be explored again. It can’t hurt.


  • joey says:

    problem is,imo hes only worth the risk on a one year deal.do u give up the 3rd round draft pick for a rental,and come up with another 10 mil.? i am done with him but u brought it up so, beckect would be cheaper cuz we would have to trade about 10 mil. of our salary to get him. with perez being hurt its not gonna happen. btw hes pitching against us tmrw.

  • medfest says:

    Scott Boras ,his age,the new CBA and teams paying attention to analytics have made him unsignable.

    The Tribe signed Bourn for 25% less per year than anyone thought he would get going into the off season,Boras is rapidly losing his touch.(witness Lohse and Madsen last year)

  • Jeremy C says:

    Lohse has a career ERA of 4.45. Then he comes out and has a career year at his age 34 season! Your going to pay top dollar (even still) for a guy who is obviously going to regress this year. Any team that picks him up could probably expect way closer to 4.45 era then the 2.86 he had last year. I feel like the indians think kasmir, bauer or Zachmac can have the type of season they and everyone else thinks Lohse will have. and for a LOT less money too

    • Chris Burnham says:

      But that’s the thing: He’s not getting “top-dollar” now. If he and Boras still think that they can net a $10-12 million deal, they’re delusional. At this point, it’s a low-risk, high-reward gamble.

      Granted, I personally don’t think they’ll bring him in, but at some point, Boras and Lohse will get desperate.

  • DP Roberts says:

    Lohse seems like the perfect candidate for an incentive-laden contract, for the Indians or any other team. If he can repeat what he’s done in the last two years, more power (and money) to him. It’s too bad Boras is insisting on a mulit-year contract, I think it’s hurting his client.

  • Sean Porter says:

    While I doubt the Dolans add another $10 mill to a hefty (for them) 2013 payroll, I’d jump at the chance of adding Lohse. The chances of him repeating his performance last year is slim, but I’d be ecstatic even if he would give us 180-200 innings at a league-average ERA.

    This rotation scares the bejesus out of me as it currently constructed. With no real #1 pitcher (and some could argue perhaps no #2) I’d feel a lot more confident opening the season with another guy in the rotation that could be counted on to deliver on par with a good #3.