This is a must-read from Ken Rosenthal, and more directly, our old buddy, Shin-Soo Choo. This is Choo’s farewell letter to Chris Antonetti and the Indians organization. It also covers his new team’s first-hand impressions of everything we already knew about him as a player.

But this is special. Written in English (a very nice touch) and shared, presumably, unedited with The Great Bow-Tied One:

“After the trade … so many things are running through my mind … Six years ago … From the time I first arrived in Cleveland, all the way up til now… From Seattle, where I had no chance of playing … to the Cleveland Indians, where I was finally given a great chance to be an everyday player.

“I want you to know that my family and I will always be thankful for this opportunity and want you to know how much I will remember the chance I was given in Cleveland … Because I firmly believe that without this opportunity, there is no Shin-Soo Choo and I would not be remembered.

“I know that baseball is a business, but whenever I would see you in the clubhouse … and see the emotional strain on your face … I would feel really bad … I would even say to myself, ‘Let’s try harder and make a great team.’ And I tried really hard for you … but unfortunately, the players just weren’t able to answer your emotional call.

“Now that I have been traded, I have so many things I feel bad about … but I firmly believe that Cleveland will change for the better. You have a lot of young and talented players … but most importantly … players that will listen and follow your leadership … As a result, I know you will get great performances and results in the near future.

“I am going to miss everyone within the organization … from the trainers who have watched over and taken care of me … to the clubhouse personnel.

“With that said and even though physically we are parting ways, everyone will always be in my heart and will always be in my thoughts and memory.”

The Reds got a hell of a guy. Choo deserves all the success he can get.


  • joey says:

    wow…lets hope next time we see him, all of cleveland wishes him the best and gives him a standing ovation…kinda makes ya wanna tear up…very refreshing for an athlete to leave and do something so classy like that…he must have a good heart…until u think about the fact that him an boras refused to resign a extention…hey maybe we can get him back next year…ya never know…probly for the same contract that swisher signed…the dolans still have plenty tv money to spend.

    • Chris Burnham says:

      That’s the territory you have to cross when it comes to Boras, though. I’m pretty sure Choo and Boras were just as surprised as us to see the Indians spend big. I don’t see him returning, though. Unless Swisher converts to first base full-time next year and we let Reynolds walk, there’s no place for him anymore.

      • joey says:

        true,plus they might offer him the 13.5 and then wede have to give up our 1st round draft pick,cuz its not gonna be protected next year…at least we hope not…well this is a news worthy letter…i hope u guys can try and get this out to the public,not just internet junkies,so people dont boo him…he trully deserves respect for this.

        • Chris Burnham says:

          Plus, Choo may have been looking for a nine-figure extension for one guy. Whereas we theoretically got “better” by spending on the pieces that we brought in.

          It’s debatable on whether or not Choo is the better all-around player than Swisher is (he is), but it paid off in allowing us to find a potential top-of-the-rotation pitcher and a clear lead-off guy.

          Sure, we would’ve all loved for Choo to remain an Indian for the rest of his career, and it sounds like he wouldn’t be adverse to returning. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • MyTribe says:

        Or, Boras kept Choo out of this year’s market out of fear that the market for his other players would shrink. In Boras’s eyes, Bourn has to be a bigger priority than Choo.

        If Choo re-signs with Cleveland, maybe the Tribe does not sign either Swisher or Bourn, and the offers they get go even lower.

        It’s up to the ballplayer to figure out if his agent is always looking out for him, or not.

  • joey says:

    i know ur not a ticket salesman,but ive had at least 50 people ask me…y cant they buy single game tickets yet…theyve been wanting to buy,but cant get em til the 25th…thats so stupid on the indians sales department…i know for a fact that they lost out on sales this past month…those people that wanted to buy are gonna forget all about buying tix on the 25th…can u guys please tell the indians that they blew making thousands of dollars worth of sales? i dont get it…we have 8000 season ticket holders…not 25000 like we had in the 90″s…if someone wakes up on a cold snowy day in december or january,and decide they wanna buy tix for the tribe cuz there excited about being able to not watch a sucky team for once in the dolan era…they should be able too…not to smart…lets hope they make one more big move before the season starts and this time the box office is open.

    • Chris Burnham says:

      No idea. I live in Blue Jays territory and they’re pretty much tapped out here, too.

    • medfest says:

      As a season ticket holder,all I can tell you is the Tribe’s ticket sales department is staffed and run by nice people who try hard but aren’t what I’d call more than competent.

      The basic idea is to sell as many 10-20-30 game flex plans(which aren’t a bad deal BTW) as possible, to anyone who has caught some early spring Tribe Fever, for as long as possible before selling single game tickets.

      Part of this is the Cleveland fans fault, their general lack of interest in recent years has resulted in a small staff that is incapable of handling the rare flash crowd.

  • DaveR says:

    Smart move on Choo’s part. Never burn bridges.

  • Jeremy C says:

    I had the fortune of knowing Choo during his time in cleveland and i have to say ive never met someone who was that famous (extremely famous in korea and he has a very famous supermodel wife)that was so grounded and just kind. Hes a great guy

  • medfest says:

    Class act by a nice guy, a rare thing in sports(hell, the world)today.

    But ultimately baseball is a business and I’m grateful the Tribe traded one season of a platoon player who can’t play defense(which is what he is now)for a potential staff ace,a five tool outfielder and two solid relievers.

    One trade filled a bunch of needs for at least 3 seasons.

    • Drew says:

      I understand and agree with some if what you said. Choo is definitely a class act and probably should be a platoon player but while his range is subpar, his arm is way above average. Stubbs is about as much of a five-tool player as Grady Sizemore can stay healthy. As for the 3 pitchers, the two relievers are an upgrade over Tony Sipp and Jason Donald but solid will likely be a stretch. But you are correct that 3-6 years is better than 1 and I hope they blossom into all-star caliber players like Choo did.

  • Al says:

    This is how you do it. I’m still kinda mad about the way Alex White said goodbye 2 years ago.

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