I was so excited to have baseball today, I almost couldn’t stand it!  For a brief time, all of the players are in camp before several of them scatter to their respective World Baseball Classic teams.  This means that spring training games started about a week earlier than they usually would, in order to give teams some extra time before the WBC.  Since it’s very early in spring training, you can expect some uneven performances and mistakes.  Players are rusty, and scores can run up quickly; by the end of games, you have a lot of minor leaguers and invitees on the field.  Here are some of the highlights from today’s game (at least some things that stuck out to me).

- Shin-Soo Choo led off the game against Geovanni Soto.  Didn’t have to wait long to see him in a Reds uniform.

- Soto was starting today so the team could get a look at him before he left to pitch for Puerto Rico in the WBC.  Acquired in the Jhonny Peralta trade, the 21-year-old Soto spent all of 2012 with the Double-A Akron Aeros.  He struggled some against a tough Reds lineup, although the Indians radio broadcast implied that the umpire gave him a really small strike zone.  He only made it 2/3 of an inning before he hit his pitch count, giving up 5 ER and 3 hits, while walking 2 and striking out none.  For someone young who has never pitched above Double-A, it’s not shocking that he struggled very early in spring training against some talented hitters.

- At one point, Drew Stubbs and Michael Bourn miscommunicated on a fly ball in the outfield and let it fall.  They need to get used to playing together, particularly since they’re both used to being center fielders.  This didn’t really surprise me either, since things like this are very common early in the spring.

- In his first at-bat, Nick Swisher got an RBI hit as Asdrubal Cabrera scored from second.

- Lonnie Chisenhall went 1 for 2 with a 2-run home run.  Tom Hamilton was already in mid-season form calling the shot.

- Some other hitters that had nice days – Michael Brantley and Carlos Santana went 2 for 2.

- A few of the guys in camp on a minor league contract that could win a utility role with the team saw action today.  Ezequiel Carrera went 0 for 1 with a walk, Ryan Raburn went 1 for 1 with a home run and a walk, Ben Francisco went 0 for 1, Jeremy Hermida went 1 for 1, Tim Fedroff went 1 for 2, and Jason Giambi went 0 for 1 in a pinch hit appearance.

- Overall, 27 position players made some form of appearance in today’s game.

- Seven different pitchers appeared in the game – Soto, Fernando Nieve, Vinnie Pestano, Joe Martinez, Rich Hill, Matt Langwell, and Frank Herrmann.  Herrmann got the win after pitching a perfect ninth; Pestano also pitched a perfect inning.  All of the Reds’ runs were earned against two pitchers – Soto and Martinez.

- Mike McDade, claimed off waivers from Toronto this offseason, hit a three-run double to win the game in a walk-off for the Indians.

The Indians face the Reds again tomorrow, only this time they will be the visiting team.  The game will once again be broadcast on WTAM 1100 at 3:05 p.m. and the starters are Brett Myers for the Indians and Alfredo Simon for the Reds.  This early in spring training, they’ll probably pitch no more than 1-2 innings.


  • Jeremy C says:

    The Tribes remaining interest in Ryan Theriot is really interesting. We already have a guy in Aviles who is capable of starting at short. Theriot is another guy who would be an exceptional backup and okay starter. Why would be interested in having two of those players on the roster? Is it for depth or could we still be shopping asdrubal?

  • joey says:

    we have an abundence(im sure i didnt spell that right),again we have an abudance of players to trade…we have one more big move in us.

    • Jeremy C says:

      I hope so. Its wonderful to hear the “stats” about how pestano and perez close games 95% of the time after leading in the 8th. But pestano is a better pitcher and i can see Perez having a really down year. We have so many arms in the Pen there isnt a need for perez and we should trade him. And maybe asdrubal for that matter. I really like aviles

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I’ve never been very high on Theriot, so I don’t get that myself. I guess he’s holding out for a starting job (I swear I read that somewhere). All I can think is “dude, you’re a 33-year-old utility guy that hasn’t had an OPS over .700 since 2009. Take what you can get.” Plus between he and Raburn, I’d much rather have Raburn. His bat has more pop and he can play more positions. He had a really bad year last year, but if that was an outlier, he would be more worthwhile.

    And I agree that there may be one more big move (or at least big-ish) on the horizon. Spring training started so early this year, that I feel like some of that may take shape in a couple of weeks.

    • joey says:

      once we trade aviles or cabrera then theres room for theriot…dont u see…we got him on hold until we make the move?

  • joey says:

    yep…were very fortunate to have a great closer like perez,and depth thru out are orginazation in the bullpen and, middle infield…i love perez,and cabrera,but i love the thought of the cleveland indians winning the world series better.some times u have to give to get,kinda like spend money to make money…anyway please excuse my spelling and punctuation,ive been tippin a few,took the day off to listen to the tribe…i do know my baseball tho…i played short and batted 3rd…still do in old mans softball lol.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    When I was working as a substitute teacher, I used to joke that I was going to sneeze in people’s coffee to assure that I got work that week. It’s kind of sad in a way, that you’re hoping someone else has some kind of misfortune and misses work, so you can have work. Part of me wonders if Theriot is secretly hoping someone comes up injured, or gets cut or traded. For him to be assured playing time, he pretty much has to hope someone gets knocked out of the way!

    • joey says:

      hey beautiful…im not wishing for anybodys misfortune…if we trade somebody to a contender like the dodgers than he will be happy…if we get a ace in return,and open up a spot for somebody,than we and he will be happy…its a win win win as long as nobody sneezes in the coffee,and boy im gonna need some coffee tmrw…night night.gazooontite!