We’ll get the benign news out of the way first: Former Bullpen Mafia member Rafael Perez signed with the Twins, in which he’ll presumably hold the same spot he did for the Indians.

Now for the fun and potentially juicy stuff:

  • The always-quotable Chris Perez fired off a few shots at Manny Acta. Now, those of us regulars here probably figured that Rage would have something to say once the changeover started. It just seemed unlikely that it would take until mid-February for him to hold his tongue. Can’t say he is wrong either; we all watched as this team went through the motions with little to no real spark. And as Tribe-scribe Nick Camino observed on Tuesday, maybe Acta just isn’t fit to be a Major League manager.
  • And the always fun “bark-at-an-ex-teammate” has also found its way to us, and it might make for grumbling between the Indians and Diamondbacks when the clubs face one another on March 21. Coupled with D-Backs catcher Miguel Montero’s comments about Trevor Bauer’s rumored aloofness and Tribe prospect (for about ten minutes) Didi Gregorius’ rumored elbow problems, things may get a tad feisty. And to top it all off, Bauer is channeling his inner hip-hop artist, which he may, or may not, have directed at individuals of the Diamondbacks organization. Could we see another dumb spring flair-up like we did between Jimenez and Troy Tulowitzki last year? Hmmm…

So you can pretty much forget the cards and chocolates being given.



  • Josh says:

    I still think all the drama around Trevor Bauer revolves around these few things.

    1. Arizona is mad that Antonetti obviously drugged Towers into agreeing to take an injured defense only short stop prospect, tony sipp, and a minor league 1B that they already DFA’d for a potential top of the rotation starter who is just 22…

    2. Arizona wanted a team full of clones of boring players who don’t have any flash or personality

    and last but not least

    3. Antonetti swindled them for an INJURED DEFENSE ONLY SHORTSTOP

    Now, everyone needs to just let Bauer do his thing. If he wants to rap who cares. As long as he’s logging 200+ IP with a sub 4 ERA for the indians within the next few years, let him do whatever he wants.

  • Matt says:

    If Trevor Bauer can be a solid bottom of the rotation presence I could care less if he knits scarves in the bullpen. Also, I definitely do not disagree with what Perez said about Acta, although saying that kind of stuff publicly may not make him a really good “baseball guy”. Once again, as long as he’s saving games, I don’t care.

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