Not Feeling It

August 22, 2011

I had a kind of fun post planned for tonight.  I was going to talk about Eric Wedge’s return to Cleveland (I never got the chance back in May) and how despite all of the bad things going on with the Indians lately, I’m still glad he’s no longer the manager.

After that mess tonight, coupled with the mess of the weekend, I’m just not feeling it right now.  I need a night off I think.  I’m still taking my dog to the Puppypalooza thing at tomorrow night’s game, and I’ll go early enough for the pre-game, on-field dog parade.  And then I’m going to hope she poops all over the field, because it would be inappropriate for me to do so.  I feel like this would accurately display my emotions/feelings at this point in time.

Anyway, in case you missed it the Twins placed Jim Thome on waivers and there are rumors the Indians are interested.  The Tribe also claimed Rich Harden off waivers from Oakland, but ultimately couldn’t work out a deal.  Oakland ended up pulling him back off waivers, which means he won’t be traded during the remainder of the season.  Did they really want Harden, or were they just trying to block someone else’s trade?  Who knows?  Who cares at this point?

Oh yes, and Chris Perez = awful.  That man cannot pitch in a non-save situation.


  • EmilyG says:

    Pestano should close. Perez should stick to twitter.

  • TJ says:

    Cheer up Stephanie. There is always tomorrow’s game or next year’s season.
    Thome no longer worth acquiring unless one wants a trip backwards to 1990s nostalgia. Harden would’ve been interesting.

  • PatrickSands says:

    This team cannot win with the lineup out there tonight. It was depressing to watch that 9th inning. It always seems that the Indians dig themselves a hole then look like they are gonna get out of it only to rip your heart out as they squander it away. I don’t know what to think of this team other than they play to the talent of the team opposing them. IF they could ever put a healthy lineup out there things might be better but by the time guys return I’m afraid we will have fallen out of contention. But this team has proven me wrong on quite a few occasions this season and I hope they can do so once more

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I would’ve liked to see Josh Judy get the call in the 9th. But to be fair, if he would’ve blown it, people would’ve said “they shouldn’t let the AAA pitcher come in during a tie game.” Judy’s closed at the minor league level and I’m a fan…they should’ve given him a shot in my opinion.

    I heard Thome would like to return, but I also heard he’s interested in Philly. The only way he makes it to Philly in waivers, is if the Twins release him. Since they have the best record in the NL, they would be the last team to make a claim on him. There was a rumor that the Twins may release him to let him have his choice (since it’s near the end of his career), but there may be too much criticism if they were to do so.

    That was a pretty bad lineup, but that’s what happens when everyone is hurt, unavailable, etc. To be fair, it was the bottom of the order that really produced last night. I think what made me the most angry (other than Chris Perez beaning half of the Mariners’ lineup) is when Michael Brantley grounded into that double play with one out and the bases loaded. He’s been pretty solid all year, so he gets more of a pass (in my opinion) than some of the others. Still, that was the big moment right there, and they blew it.

  • Drew says:

    It has been fun, guys, but I do not think I will need to renew my MLB.TV for September. There were times this season where I really felt strongly about the outlook of the team, but remember, everyone is the average age of the team is 26 and may actually be younger next season.

    Do not forget that Lonnie Chisenhall is 22! Between, he, Cabrera, and Kipnis, that will make for an excellent-hitting infield for next a season. I’d say defense too but Kipnis needs to learn to play 2B. The OF is pretty good too with Brantley, Carrera, and Choo. Can Grady Sizemore return? Who knows.

    Bullpen is good in 2011 but I afraid that many of its stars are one-and-done guys. Starting pitching holds some promise but unless the pitching coaches can fix Ubaldo like they did with Fausto several times, the legacy will not shine a positive light on the trade. Right now it looks like the Indians traded a #2 and #3 starter for a #4. Not a good trade but at least its not what Denver paid for Tim Tebow.

    Progressive Field is a baseball field. I think it is great that they are doing the Snow Days to increase revenue but it is sad that this team has to do this to earn revenue! The fans need to get behind this team so that the front office can afford to sign a veteran 1B.

  • Ben says:

    Everything Drew said +1,000. Aside from shoring up our starting rotation in the offseason, there are a great number of things to be excited about for 2012. I feel we are 1 or 2 moves away from division favorites.

  • SeattleStu says:

    side note, brantley has been getting a pass for awhile…but in my mind he’s been on a downslope in the back half..his body language (too cool for school) is wearing on me…it’s been awhile since a clutch hit, and his fielding hasnt been the greatest of late….he needs to get back to his hungry, pre-season form.

  • Scott says:

    Not over yet, but those last couple are the kind of games a real contender needs to win. And Pestano is not the answer. Most of the time he’s lights out, but he can let an inning get away from him in a hurry and thats not even in a clutch save situation. Might be worth a trial and see what he can do though. But the big problem is scoring runs. Good teams can afford a couple of blown saves, and bad starts. The way the Tribe is hitting, the pitching needs to be flawless. The only reason they are even in contention, is that they are getting some timely hitting with RISP, without that, they would be battling KC for the basement. The problem is we need to get more RISP.

  • Kevin says:

    Season is definitely not over, but we need to get healthy. I know most of these comments (and the post for that matter) were published last night, but now that Hafner may be gone, Thome might be a viable option. The point is, we need a DH and Laporta isn’t cutting it. Chisenhall, maybe, but Santana and Choo are too valuable in the field to sit on the bench all night.

    And more than Pestano, I have been thinking that Tony Sipp should take over closing duties. We have a solid bullpen, but none of our relievers are more consistent than Tony Sipp. Oh, and Boston can’t hit him.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I am excited about this team for next year, but I wouldn’t completely call this season over yet (even with the awful play of the past week). Primarily because they face Detroit 6 more times (including the last series of the season) and Detroit has had issues closing the deal the past few years. Remember (I think) 2009? They had a comfy lead against the Twins going into the last week of the season, and everything just fell apart. You never know…the Indians have been crushed by injuries, but something could always happen to a competitor too. I think if they could get a decent bat or two before the end of the month, they could still have a chance. Especially since it sounds like Brantley may be out with the wrist for a while now.