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August 21, 2011

So we’re getting close to game time, as the Tribe attempts to avoid the sweep in Detroit.  Is it just me, or did last night’s game seem awful enough to count as 2 or 3 losses?  Thankfully, it’s just one.  Ubaldo Jimenez will take the hill today in an attempt to stop the bleeding; unfortunately, he can’t hit for the Tribe.  They’ve scored exactly 2 runs on 12 hits so far this series.  Detroit could have scored 30 or 3 last night, and they still would’ve won.

Anyway, speaking of Jimenez – did you hear about Drew Pomeranz?  He underwent an emergency appendectomy last night in Tulsa (he’s playing with the Double-A Tulsa Drillers).  Since it takes several weeks to recover from the procedure, his season is likely over.  The story from the Denver Post mentioned that his first (and only) start with Tulsa was excellent; he took a perfect game into the 7th inning.  It’s probably a little disappointing that their fans won’t get to see him start again this season, as he just reported to the Rockies organization on August 17 (had to wait until it was officially a year after his signing).

The Denver Post also has a really nice article that looks at the Jimenez trade in greater depth.  It’s primarily from the Rockies’ perspective, but it’s worth checking out.

Since today is August 21, that means there are exactly 10 days left before the waiver deadline for trades.  Actually, to qualify for a postseason roster, a player must be on a team’s 40-man roster as of September 1.  So there may be a small flurry of activity over the next week or so as contenders attempt to bolster their rosters.  What moves would you like to see the Tribe make?  (If any)  An additional right-handed bat would be nice, and possibly an infielder (although Jason Kipnis is likely to return before the end of the month).  Part of me still wishes they wouldn’t have traded Orlando Cabrera, even though he was far from a force in the lineup.  I got to thinking about Nick Johnson, the often-injured, former Yankee and Nationals first baseman who is currently in the Indians’ system in Columbus.  I think he’s been healthy for much of this season, so I decided to see how he’s been doing in Columbus.  The answer – not that good.  Probably won’t be an option in late August and September.


  • SeattleStu says:

    good call on Pomeranz steph, i was going to post that…also for folks’ FYI (in light of U taking the hill today), Alex White has been solid w/ Colorado’s Tulsa affiiliate (1.65 ERA)…enough so to be called up to take a spot in their starting rotation this week….

    lot of Orlando haters out there, but i go back to our 30-15 start and he and AC had a good chemistry and somehow we won 2/3 of our games w/ a pretty steady lineup (which btw included Hanahan at the corner)…just sayin’

  • SeattleStu says:

    ok Jiminez is a bust, and our lineup is pathetic….how is it these average arms from Detroit silence our bats?….it’s just embarrassing….

  • SeattleStu says:

    love this rant on the jiminez sucks thread (BEFORE he was traded)….ring a bell?

    His mechanics are terrible, his arm angle is screwed up, he steps to first base when he delivers.
    his fastballs are flat and hittable and always catch too much of the plate. he doesnt throw that hard and is not overpowering.
    he cant pitch against good teams, he would get destroyed in the AL. he is a national league pitcher leave him there

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I was intrigued by the bit in that Denver Post story that implied that Jimenez sort of skipped out on his postseason fitness/prep plan.

    I was about to say that I was relieved I had to go to a picnic this afternoon, and wouldn’t get a chance to watch the rest of this one. It’s a bit less terrible with the 5-spot they put up. Although, Hafner needs to sit on the bench if he’s going to continue to be awful. And now that the offense got you back in it, if you’re Jimenez, you need to actually pitch some strikes, stop pitching from behind, etc.

  • SeattleStu says:

    what was pronk thinking going for 2 there?…..that may have been his last at bat as a tribesman….hopefully a return to the steroids regimen can cure what’s been ailing him for a few years.

  • SeattleStu says:

    is this umpiring crew actually getting paid for this series?

  • Michael says:

    Move over Charlie Spikes. This is the worst trade ever. Jimenez is an emergency call up starter and no better. He’s had half a season of effectiveness. And now has as of today tossed away the playoffs. Oh well at least we didnt give up too much for him

  • SeattleStu says:

    awesome ending….2nd & 3rd one out and that heralded power hitter we gave up cy young winner for got it just over the infield and statue fukodome (our first of two dud acquisitions) gets gunned at the plate, not even close….very disappointing game.

  • Jerry says:

    its over…..next year