A few observations from today’s presser. Feel free to throw in yours in the comments below.

1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a free agent smile so much. Maybe it’s because we Indians fans aren’t used to this kind of thing. Making $14 million a year definitely helps on his end, though.

2. His enthusiasm was infectious. I found myself smiling a lot right along with him. Even though I’m sure a lot of his giddiness was pure adrenaline. If he manages to keep the sunny outlook he displayed today, he immediately becomes a media favorite.

2A. Swisher, Pestano, Kipnis on Twitter: The possibilities are endless.

2B. Decaf might be a bit of a help.

3. My hunch is that he sits fifth in the order on most nights. Santana gets some protection for a change.

4. As a fan, I wish he was a bit forthcoming about his true feelings as an opponent about the roster. He went into full-on teammate mode by pumping up the “greatness” of his new teammates. Even though it would never be said publicly, and in that forum, I wonder where smoke wasn’t actually being blown. I am genuinely curious.

5. Completely forgot that Swisher’s dad and Tito were teammates. That’s one of those cool, “closing-of-the-circle” things.

6. Again, a free agent who looked genuinely excited about coming to the Indians. When was the last time that happened? It’s been a while.

7. Barring injury, I’m guessing .275/ 21 HRs/90 RBIs

8. I, too, am curious about other offers that he may have been looking at, but what the heck. I’m all in with Swish!


  • Steve Alex says:

    It’s hard not to like this guy on or off the field. He is the kind of player who will make the people around him better. That, as much as his OPS or WAR mumbo-jumbo, is what makes him valuable. Watch Santana’s production jump this year.

  • DaveR says:

    If Masterson or Jimenez could find anything resembling their old self it could be a fun year.

  • Swift says:

    “Barring injury, I’m guessing .275/ 21 HRs/90 RBIs”

    As my mother-in-law would have said, “from your lips, to god’s ear”. I’d be thrilled if we got that.

  • Mike says:

    I’m pump about Swisher. He genuinely wants to be here. Its been ages since a free agent said that! I am hard pressed to think of the last free agent who signed with the Tribe for more than a one year deal. Who was the last free agent to sign a big multi year contract with the Indians? Robbie Alomar?

  • DaveR says:

    Big yes, multi…maybe. Kerry Wood got us for 2 years around $10M each for 28 SV 9 blown. I think he said all the right things when he came on board.