You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Nick Swisher is coming to town (Honestly, he’s coming to tour Progressive Field on Tuesday or Wednesday).
He’s making a list (Has to think about the pros and cons of Cleveland and his other options.)
And checking it twice; (With the amount of time he’s taking to make a decision, I’d say he’s checked it about 71 times by now.)
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice (The Indians are nice, right?  They could really use an outfielder right about now.)
Nick Swisher is coming to town
He sees you when you’re sleeping  (Seriously, he does…Nick Swisher is omnipotent.  I blame Bud Selig and the government.)
He knows when you’re awake (Please see above)
He knows if you’ve been bad or good  (i.e. Don’t throw beer bottles at his head in the outfield.)
So be good for goodness sake!  (That means no booing or throwing projectiles at the field).
O! You better watch out! (There will probably be a strong stream of wind from the Drew Stubbs and Mark Reynolds strikeouts.)
You better not cry (He can’t stop Ubaldo Jimenez from giving up 20 runs a game even if he does sign.)
Better not pout (He’s only one guy.)
I’m telling you why (Even with Swisher in the lineup, you may not want to start printing up World Series 2013 champs shirts.)
Nick Swisher is coming to town


  • Chris Burnham says:

    He has crazy eyes. If he sees me when I’m sleeping and knows when I’m awake, it may frighten me to the point of being catatonic.

    • Stephanie Liscio says:

      The idea of Santa terrified me as a child because I didn’t like that some strange man was lurking around my house, even if he was bringing me toys.

  • Chris says:

    The “O!” Should be followed with (H-I-O) after all, Swisher is a Buckeye! Seriously though. Hope he does come to town. Fingers crossed!

  • Jeff says:

    So creative! Nice job! Your blog is the first Indians blog I check over coffee every morning, and that’s the reason why!

    • Stephanie Liscio says:

      You made my day! We try to do stuff a little bit different/quirky since there are a lot of other good blogs out there.

  • Swift says:

    I guess you could have also done “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

    Jolly old Saint Nicholas lean your ear this way
    Don’t you tell a single soul what I’m going to say
    Christmas Eve is coming soon now you dear old man
    Whisper what you’ll bring to me, tell me if you can

  • Steve Alex says:

    Wow. It’s not enough to offer an above-average (but not great) player fifty million dollars. You have to kiss his ass too and beg him to take it. Now they are doing the same thing with Edwin Jackson, a player who up until now no one even wanted for more than one year. With the new TV deals, it’s like teams are playing with Monopoly money.

    • Stephanie Liscio says:

      I’m kind of glad Edwin Jackson went to Chicago. I know he’s solid, innings eater, etc. but not for that money.

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