Yesterday, Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla saw his 33 game hitting streak come to an end.  Even though he was still 23 games away from matching Joe DiMaggio’s legendary 56 game hitting streak, 33 games is nothing to sneeze at.  He fell short of the Braves team mark at 37, but still helped his team win 19 of 33 during the streak.

            When you talk about DiMaggio and 56, Cleveland obviously enters into the discussion.  It was in Cleveland on July 17, 1941 that DiMaggio’s hit streak finally ended when he failed to get a hit off of either Al Smith or Jim Bagby.  There were several hard hit balls, but Ken Keltner made nice plays at 3rd to keep DiMaggio hitless throughout the game. 

            Even though the streak ended in Cleveland, DiMaggio did get a number of hits off Indians pitching between the start of the streak on May 15, 1941 and his 56th game on July 16, 1941.  In fact, 7 games of the hit streak were against the Indians; the pitchers that DiMaggio got hits off of includes Al Milnar (two different times), Mel Harder, Bob Feller (two different times), Jim Bagby, and a combo of Al Milnar and Joe Krakauskas in game 56.

The Yankees played every team in the American League during DiMaggio’s streak (there were only 8 total in 1941), and this is the breakdown of how many times they played each team during the run to 56 – Chicago White Sox 12, St. Louis Browns 12, Boston Red Sox 8, Detroit Tigers 7, Washington Senators 5, Philadelphia Athletics 5. 

So who has the longest hitting streak in Cleveland Indians history?  The namesake of this blog, Nap Lajoie, with 31 games in 1906.  Sandy Alomar Jr. came close to breaking it in 1997 with 30 consecutive games.  Here’s a breakdown of everyone who had a hitting streak of 30+ games.  (It’s a few days old; Uggla is listed at 31.)


  • Chip P says:

    Didn’t Casey Blake have a 27 game hit streak back in ’07?

    Also, saw DET traded for Delmon Young. I don’t know exactly how the August trades work (ie, diff between post-trade deadline trades and pre-trade deadline trades), but are the Indians in the mix to add a bat? What about a Thome-Tribe reunion?

  • SeattleStu says:

    not for this season but u know who has me licking my chops for off season deals is prince fielder…..we need a power bat badly, and he is on market….and we have 25mm of salary coming free from Grady + Pronk

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    I think Blake did have a pretty big streak a few years ago.

    I saw that MLB Trade Rumors had an ongoing post of people that had cleared waivers, meaning that they are now free to be dealt. Those deals must be done by August 31…actually, deals can be done after August 31 but those people would be ineligible for any playoff rosters. One of the things that happens during the August waiver trade period is that rival teams will often claim a player they know their competitor may be after. (The Yankees and Red Sox were notorious for this). For example, the Indians could’ve claimed Delmon Young…then the Twins either have to pull him back off waivers and scrap the trade, let the Indians have him for nothing (except the salary he’s due), or try to work out a trade with the Indians instead. No matter how you slice it, Detroit wouldn’t have gotten Young. You do run the risk of a team being like “okay, he’s yours” like the Blue Jays did with Alex Rios and the White Sox a while back. Anyway, here’s a link to the players who have cleared so far:

    I honestly wondered about a Thome-Tribe reunion, but prior to July 31, the Twins still considered themselves in it. Now that they’re pretty much out if, I wondered about a trade prior to August 31…I think the Twins only do it if Thome has already hit 600. I think they’d like to see him hit the milestone in a Twins uniform if possible.

    Someone asked me yesterday if I thought Albert Pujols had any chance of coming to the Tribe and I laughed hysterically. Not that I wouldn’t love him (or Fielder) but I still just can’t picture them springing for it, even with the other salary off the books. Stranger things have happened though!

  • Aaron says:

    They really need a right handed bat, not a left handed one. So in our fantasy land, I’d rather sign Pujols than Prince. However, since this probably is just a fantasy, we might as well get both and replace both LaPorta and Chisenhall.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    HA! Yes, in my fantasy world the Indians would sign both, then they’d trade Jack Hannahan and Travis Buck for Felix Hernandez!

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