The Indians have left their fans with a bitter taste in their mouth after the past few seasons. But as an Indians fan, there is still much to be thankful for this holiday season. Let’s compile a list…

1. Progressive Field – While it’s mostly empty these days, it’s still one of the best ballparks in the country. And while I’d much rather enjoy a game in a packed house, I have enjoyed the ability to walk up to the gates 10 minutes before the first pitch a purchase a ticket just about anywhere in the park. We’re lucky to have such a great place to watch our Tribe.

2. The 1990s – The glory days are long gone, but at least we have some fantastic memories – memories that an entire generation before us grew up without.

3. $10 bleacher seats - One of the best ticket deals in all of professional sports right here in Cleveland.

4. Kenny Lofton – My all-time favorite player. Has a more entertaining player ever worn an Indians uniform?

5. The end of the Matt LaPorta era - Ok, well maybe it’s not officially over. But he’s off the 40-man roster and we’re nearly free of his consistent disappointment.

6. Albert Belle vs Fernando VinaStill fun to watch.

7. Sandy Alomar Jr. – It looks like Sandy will be back for another year in a Tribe uniform, and there’s just something comforting about that.

8. Ronnie Belliard’s froThe picture says it all.

10. Fireworks – I’ve seen my fair share of fireworks displays over the years, but nothing compares to the show they put on at The Jake. I try to make it down to at least one Friday night game a year to catch the post-game show.

11. Tom Hamilton’s home run calls – Easily the best in all of baseball.

12. This picture of Pronk

13. Terry Pluto’s books – If you enjoy reminiscing about the Tribe, there’s no better way to do so than with Pluto’s books. I highly recommend The Curse of Rocky Colavito.

14. Tony Pena’s walk-off home run – The most memorable play in Indians history?

15. Jim Thome – The socks. The batting stance. The home runs. Everything about the man.

So what have I missed? Let’s keep the list going in the comments…


  • joey says:

    yep…ur rt…since im 36 years old…im thankful for being able to have seen and attended the glory days of the tribe in my 20′s…it was so fun…it was one big party…i hope my daughter can experience the same fun one day…unfortionatly tv money has ruined baseball and our owner like many other owners of mid market teams cant keep up with the big tv markets…its really a shame…man i miss those days!

  • Terry Pluto says:

    Thanks so much for the Kind words about my books…mty favorite is Our Tribe, written when my dad was dying.

  • joey says:

    hey terry…like all ur books…but my fav is dealing…only book i ever read in one day!

  • Chris Burnham says:

    A couple:

    1. CC and Cliff: For the longest time we didn’t have dependable, ace-quality pitching. When they were on the bump, you felt pretty confident that it was going to be a good day.

    2. The mid-90′s lineup: You were certain you were going to see some sort of walk-off every game.

    3. Justice charging that punk Troy Percival.

    4. The ’97 high-socks lineup. That was the greatest form of team camaraderie that I can remember, and a great tribute to Thome. Which leads me to…

    5. Thome’s return. Time heals all wounds.

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