Well, cross one name off of Chris Antonetti’s Christmas list.

One of the Indians’ attempts to kick-start a stagnant and unbalanced lineup was thwarted this morning as Cabrera took his rebound season (and fifty games worth of PED baggage for testosterone) to Superteam Canada.

This is especially disappointing because the Indians aren’t at all likely to go all out for anyone who will command the big bucks, and it seemed like Cabrera, who is a switch-hitter, would be a suitable low-cost weapon that would provide some of the right-handed firepower that this lefty-tilted lineup needs. It would’ve also afforded Cabrera the opportunity to rehabilitate his image in relative obscurity over the next season.

You have to wonder how he’s going to dodge the hot-buttons with a ravenous and ornery media who is now invigorated and emboldened by the Jays roster makeover and subsequent “nothing-to-talk-about” downtime of the NHL and Maple Leafs, specifically.

Above all, though, you can’t really blame him for signing with the Jays. They are the Flavor of the Year right now, and he’s a corner outfielder with a nice arm and he’s a clear upgrade over someone like Rajai Davis, who spent considerable time in left field last year.

He was pretty much everything the Indians could have used, but perception is reality. And the Tribe isn’t the hot team at the moment.




  • Jeremy C says:

    8 Mil a year isnt really low cost

  • Chris Burnham says:

    I guess it’s all a matter of short-term perspective (two years as opposed to, say, four), and I can see your argument being made. I’m not sure he’s worth that much, honestly. And maybe it’s best that Antonetti didn’t pursue him; we won’t actually know until the games being played.

    But he was the kind of affordable player that the Indians needed to target, so it kind of stings to see him go elsewhere.