I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome a new writer to the fold – Justin Lada will be joining us and focusing on prospects within the Indians farm system (as well as some major league topics).  The reason we recruited Justin was because of his extensive knowledge of the minors, and we hope that you’ll enjoy his work.  He also writes for the Lake County Sentinel if you’d like to read some of his entries there, and you can also connect with him on Twitter.

Here’s a bit more about Justin from his bio:

For better or worse, Justin was born a Cleveland Indians fan, graduating from Wickliffe High School in 2007.

His first experience in baseball at the age of five consisted of blowing dandelions in the outfield and asking the coach if he could go home, if he got hurt.

Somehow he went on to play 1st base for the next 13 years and has attended countless Indians games, which explains so many things about his life.

Now a Senior at the University of Akron, Justin has been following the Indians minor leagues for the past 5 years with a thick microscope, as well as the rest of the baseball world.


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