I just saw the 2013 World Series odds posted on Hardball Talk and figured it was worth sharing.

Not surprisingly, our Indians aren’t expected to fair too well in 2013, but this is just harsh: only the Houston Astros have lower odds at winning the 2013 World Series. Even the Twins, who finished with the worst record in the AL are given better odds than the Tribe.

The Tigers are the very early favorite, which seems odd for a team that won just 88 games and probably doesn’t have the money to spend on any significant parts this offseason. Obviously the Tigers had a nice run to the World Series, but I’ve always believed that 162 games tells you a lot more about the overall talent of a team than a brief stretch in the postseason. Although they will get a healthy Victor Martinez back in the lineup, which could help take their offense to another level.

Here are the odds for the rest of the AL Central:

Tigers – 6:1
White Sox- 28:1
Twins – 66:1
Royals – 75:1
Indians – 75:1