TO: Indians bullpen

FROM: The Baseball Gods

RE: Giving up runs

Per our memo of early April, you are not supposed to give up runs. Please consider this directive in effect for the entire season.

Thank you.


  • Ben says:

    This is going to sound crazy, but for some reason I am not entirely worried about our team just yet. The series against DET this week is going to be huge, but there is plenty of time left to shave 4 games off their lead. Hopefully the team will continue to gel around the new guys and Choo (and Sizemore later) can come back and give us some wins we may not have gotten otherwise. Plenty of time left to be a glass-half-full fan, but these pitchers need to get their shit together FAST. Handing your bullpen a 3-0 lead going into the 8th is usually pretty good…

  • Tom says:

    Terry P. was right. They are doing pretty well and we are still in it. They have been exciting to watch, although not always in a good way. If we are hitting on all cylinders at the end of the season, we can be strong if we make the playoffs.

  • Susan Petrone says:

    I want so much for you both to be right. I’m trying not to let my cynicism get the best of me. They are still in it.

  • Pamela says:

    As wins seem to be slipping from the Tribes grip night after night, it IS difficult to stay optimistic about our pennant chances. As Tom said, however, we are certainly exciting to watch. Although seeing a win is nice, there are still many other reasons to go to the ballpark. So I submit:


    10. You never know when Asdrubal will make a “Sport Center-worthy defensive display of acrobatic awesomeness.”
    9. Manny looks sassy in his new glasses.
    8. The “Cord Phelps Experiment” as ended.
    7. Josh Tomlin’s a ROCKSTAR!
    6. Where else can you watch a man earn 27K per at bat? **
    5. Sandy Alomar on first and Mike Hargrove in the broadcast booth will remind you of the 90s and warm the cockles (whatever those are…) of your heart.
    4. Michael “Stoneface” Brantley might smile—and you’ll miss it.
    3. You can chant, “Fukudome, Fukudome” without getting thrown out of the ballpark.
    2. Vinnie Pestano’s sprint from the bullpen counts for YOUR daily workout.

    And the final reason to go watch the Indians even if they lose:

    1. What if….?

    **Hafner: 13mil / 120games / 4 at bats per game = approx. 27,000. It’s arguably rough math, I know.

  • Steve says:

    Actually if you go look at Hafner’s AB’s and then look at his projected AB’s for the season, he will actually be earning closer to $37,500 every AB. Which makes it even better!

  • Susan Petrone says:

    You are both cracking me up.

    An addendum to #7: Tomlin is the only Indian batting 1.000. :)

  • Drew says:

    Tomlin for president…

  • Chip P says:

    Looking forward to both of the upcoming series we have with Detroit.

    Let’s put things into perspective: in March, none of us thought this team would be 4 games out of first place in early August. Now that we’re here, let’s enjoy this series which SHOULD have a postseason atmosphere @ the Jake.


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