The other day, while using the Internet Anagram Server to help me cheat at online Scrabble, I decided to see what anagrams could be made from the names of some of the players on the 2012 Indians roster.

I came up with a few which I really like. Some of them sort of describe the player or the kind of season he had, while others just strike me as amusing.

The ones which seem most pertinent:

Shelley Duncan: Enhances Dully

I’m not sure it’s accurate to say that Duncan enhanced the team last season, but if he did, he did it dully, that’s for sure.

Johnny Damon: Johnny Nomad

The guy played for seven different MLB teams, including a different team in each of the past four seasons. If that’s not a nomad, I don’t know what is.

Lou Marson: Also Mourn
Derek Lowe: Reeked Low
Casey Kotchman: A Monkey’s Catch

I like to think of these three as self-explanatory.

Grady Sizemore: Dream Size Orgy
Carlos Santana: Carnal Sonatas

These two are for the fans who admire the players for reasons not wholly related to their ability to play baseball. You know who you are.

Jeanmar Gomez: Zen Game Major

I wish.

Herewith, without comment, are the best of the rest. Feel free to come up with your own and submit them as a comment. Keep ‘em clean!

Vinnie Pestano: Pensive Nation
Jason Kipnis: Ninja Kiss Op
Asdrubal Cabrera: Sad Aural Crabber
Justin Masterson: Jauntiness Storm
Esmil Rogers: Rimless Ogre
Roberto Hernandez: Brazen Rodent Hero
(or, if you prefer: Felix Carmona: No Miracle Fax)
Ubaldo Jimenez: Jailed Bum Zone
Matt LaPorta: A Total Tramp


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