I watched last night’s travesty, I mean last night’s game while writing an overnight piece for the SweetSpot. It’s always a kick to do one of the overnight pieces, and the stars somehow aligned properly so that I was assigned on a night when the big story had to do with the Indians.  The game started with a 3-run first inning by the Indians, I happily started writing away, and all was well with the world.

Then the Rangers started chipping away at the Indians’ lead. Then the power went out. The whole street was dark. No Internet access to email my story, no way of even finding out what was happening in the game. (My cell phone is about as smart as pitching to Jacoby Ellsbury two nights in a row.) One flashlight, one phone book, and one phone call later, I was on my way to the Winking Lizard,which has wi-fi access and, I was told, was open until 1:00 a.m. I listened to the game on the radio as I was driving . When Josh Hamilton got on base, my dread level started to rise. Somehow, when Michael Young came to bat, I just knew he was going to hit a home run. I launched a string of expletives and turned off the radio so I wouldn’t have to hear the cheers of the Texas crowd.

I got to the Winking Lizard, set up shop in a corner of the bar, and went back to work. I couldn’t really finish the article until the game was over. The Internet access kept going in and out, which made emailing drafts and suggestions back and forth difficult. As I watched the Indians do nothing offensively in the 10th and 11th innings, I knew we were going to lose. It was just a matter of time. I don’t understand how a team can score seven runs in the first three innings and then do nothing but watch as the as the other team slowly comes back. It’s not just Rafael Perez’s wild pitch or Carlos Santana seemingly doing nothing to block it. It’s going 2-8 with runners in scoring position and leaving six men on base.

About the only nice part of the night was chatting with the nice bartender/server (whose name I didn’t get) and an employee named Phil, who is a big baseball fan. He suggested I write something about how Pronk has come back. I told him I have been thinking about doing that. And that I want to write more about Jason Kipnis, who’s turned into a little hitting machine. Like true fans, we found our bright spots in what was otherwise another frustrating night of Indians baseball.


  • Mark says:

    Susan, speaking of Pronk, was he not able at least pinch-hit last night? I don’t get why a guy who only has to come up and hit every 2-3 innings needs a night off.

  • Jerry says:

    Tribe makes me sick….3 losses in last at bat…..stupid relievers……our season is just about over

  • Susan Petrone says:

    @Mark: I wondered why he wasn’t in the lineup too. I saw him in the dugout, looking hale and hearty. Now that we’ve traded Orlando Cabrera, I wonder who’ll be the go-to pinch runner for Hafner.
    @Jerry: I’m not ready to stick a fork in them yet, but I’m stupidly optimistic when it comes to the Indians.

  • SeattleStu says:

    i find it hard to give hafner too much credit….we are paying him $14 million or something like that….and not to hit .300, but to drive in runs….i dont think i’m shocking anyone by saying since he got off the juice he’s been injury prone and noticeably weaker driving the ball….and clearly he doesn’t play the field so that’s a big budget hole for a one dimensional player….i’ll tell you who i havent seen a lot of that impressed me is jason donald…he just looks like a gamer….and i like his aggressiveness….kipnis has grown on me, but i’m pretty sure my grandmother has a stronger arm….he reminds me a little of bret boone in his look/demeanor…..i’m rambling…time to start the coors light intake so i can stomach tonights game….go tribe!

  • I’ve put off commenting until I felt more generous with my words for the wasteful lacsidasical tribe. No that’s not fair but I guess I will feel that way when we need a run and Manny, the nice guy, lets Austin K waddle up and do his usual KKK, while our 14 million dollar man ‘rests’ from his previous days labors.

    Oh nuts I’m just angry as you can tell and not too coherent. Later I may do better. Go Tribe.

  • SeattleStu says:

    perez showing why he’s a closer for a .500 team…way to make it easy CP.

  • SeattleStu says:

    PEREZ SUCKS….give me somebody who can get outs.

  • Jerry says:

    Have to be honest, I thought Michael Young was going to hit a 3 run HR to win the game for the Rangers………I am concerned about our closer…….In the last 9 outings he has given up an average of a run per apperance. I give the tribe hitters credit, a 4 spot in the ninth!

  • Phil says:

    I did not have a chance to read this story till today but listen up Cleveland fans lets all appreciate the fact that we are in a pennant race this late in the season. This means one day we will feel like our season is over.The the next day the team will turn the tables on Texas, and Victor Martinez will get hurt. We are splitting series with Texas and Boston! The games we lost were very winnable. I love watching Indians baseball in august with intensity and passion. We will be facing the tigers soon and if that doesn’t help down the stretch we face a lot of below 500 teams like KC, Oakland, and the twins. Don’t forget Choo is taking batting practice and Sizemore will be back. So to sum it all up enjoy the ride while it lasts and to use the most over used baseball phrase ever “It Ain’t over till it’s over.” Let’s go tribe!!

  • I really have to start out by using a bit of today’s street jargon and saying “i’m bad”. I really don’t know what that means other than the obvious. I shut the Indians off last night in a disgusted frame of mind. What kind of fan am I? Fair weather? for sure, but when you see your best player come unraveled and start kicking the ball around it doesn’t take us fair weather fans long to start grumbling and dispensing some pleasing to the ears cursing. I did and it serves me right to have missed the best part of the game after retreating to my bed in the sure knowledge of another Indians meltdown. Meltdown? a good word for Texas, 107 degrees. They really did need that victory and they got it. KIPNIS, I think I am learning to love that name.

  • SeattleStu says:

    @Phil, good post.

  • SeattleStu says:

    excuse me, but why is tomlin allowed to stay in the game in the 8th inning?….ok, give him one batter….max…why turn it over to pen with guys on 1st & 2nd no outs?….acta, u stink….there’s no reason without competent management this team isnt 10 over.

  • SeattleStu says:

    this roadtrip has been a disaster…yes, 3-4 isnt bad, but when u choke in all 4 losses, it hurts….joe smith, no paycheck for you this week….did u really just come on in the 8th and do jack squat?

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