I’ve been fairly excited since I heard that the Indians would hire Terry Francona as their next manager.  It’s not like I didn’t want Sandy Alomar…I probably would have been equally excited if he had been hired .  I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I figured out why I like the Francona hire.  Obviously I like him for the reasons that many of the writers and commenters have discussed on this blog – he’s experienced, he’s won two World Series, and he’s likely to bring an outside perspective to the organization.  There’s been something else though, that I haven’t been able to put my finger on since the rumors started this afternoon.  It finally hit me – for once, the “big name” is coming to Cleveland.  I’m not saying that Alomar is not a “big name,” but typically (outside of this situation) the Indians usually have to settle for the generic, lesser option.

All I could think about tonight was the trip I took to China in 2009.  While there, I took a photograph of this item in a marketplace:

Everyone loves to play Crazy Guitar, for the Wu.

As Indians fans, we always want the front office to go out and get Guitar Hero, for the Nintendo Wii.  Much to our dismay, they always end up disappointing us and coming home with Crazy Guitar for the Wu.  We never get the name brand, we always get the knockoff.  Detroit nabs Price Fielder, we end up with Casey Kotchman.  Minnesota nabs Josh Willingham, and we’re forced to settle for a broken-down Johnny Damon past his prime.  I’ve become so accustomed to this, that I really didn’t know what to make of two candidates as good as Francona and Alomar.  That’s an embarrassment of riches, particularly when you’re used to watching the other kids get the cool toys.

Alomar has reportedly been offered the position as Francona’s bench coach, but it’s unclear right now whether or not he’ll accept.  It may depend on whether or not another team is willing to offer him their management position.  While part of me hopes that Alomar gets the chance to manage somewhere, the selfish part of me wants him to remain in Cleveland as the bench coach.  Why share our toys with anyone else, when we can instead opt to hoard them?


  • Drew says:

    I want Sandy to get a job elsewhere. A lot of great managers need one or two jobs before they become great.

  • GG Allin says:

    Better For Sandy to get a managing opportunity elsewhere so we can dig up Candy Maldonado or Luis Medina to help Francona out.

  • Steve Alex says:

    This will be a great move by the Indians if, and only if, they add quality players to the roster to make the team better and deeper. I don’t want to hear the GM talk about how great our talent is and how they need to play better under Terry Francona. He’s not a magician. When another team cuts their backup utility man and he becomes your #5 hitter, that means you don’t have great talent. When all five of your opening day starting pitchers have ERAs over 4.90 and four of them are over 5.40, you don’t have great talent. Expecting Terry Francona to wave a magic wand and turn 10 good players into a winning 25-man team is not realistic. This needs to be the 1st of several good moves.

  • Ray says:

    The Francona signing signals, what one can only hope, the franchise making a return to the glory days. The roster turnover should be significant, or at the very least we should see the young players making strides towards becoming more respectable. We need to start taking pages from successful programs such as the Cardinals, Nationals, and Rays; build up our farm system, sign low A-high B free agents, and play good defense.

  • Mike Witczak says:

    Agreed. Getting the cool toy is great. But getting the latest game machine doesn’t help if there are no cartridges (yes, I’m a little, of age) to put in the slot. As for Sandy, I hope he gets his dream job. Just want to see him do well. I would also love him here in Cleveland, but he’s been good to us, we need to wish him the best too!

  • Steve Alex says:

    I’m hearing that Francona got $4M a year for four years. Other than Kerry Wood (2 yrs/$20M), when was the last time the Indians spent as much as $16 million to bring in a free agent player? I can’t think of ANY others since the Dolans bought the team. Knowing that, and knowing that this will probably be THE big move of the offseason, how can this be heralded as a good use of limited resources when Sandy Alomar was already in place at a fraction of the cost? How many more wins will Francona get out of Corey Kluber and Brent Lillibridge than Alomar would have?