Indians fans have already been in “there’s always next year” mode for at least a month and a half.  Nobody knows right now what 2013 (or even this offseason) will bring for the Tribe – new folks in the front office?  New manager?  New players?  One thing we do know about 2013 is the schedule, since it was released this afternoon.  The Indians will again open the season against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday, April 2, although this time it will be in Toronto.  The Indians will have their (sure to be) disastrous home opener on Monday, April 8 against the New York Yankees.  I refer to it as “sure to be disastrous” since their track record on home openers over the past few years has been pretty awful either due to bad play, bad weather, or a combination of both.  I’m not sure that it could top 2012′s 16-inning mess though, that’s a lofty goal to achieve.  I don’t think I had feeling in my hands or feet for a week after sitting outside in the cold for about 5 hours.

Just look at the Indians’ record on home openers dating back to 2007:

- 2007 called due to blizzard.

- 2008 they actually won 10-8, but Sabathia looked pretty bad.

- 2009 they lost 13-7 after a nearly 4 hour rain delay. The game was tied when they put the tarp on the field.

- 2010 lost to Texas 4-2, which is probably the only other decent home opener in this time frame since it was a close game and the weather was nice.

- 2011 lost to the White Sox 15-10 after a spectacular implosion by Roberto Hernandez.

- 2012 lost to the Blue Jays in 16.

As far as interleague goes, don’t forget that the Astros’ move to the AL West means that there will be interleague games scattered throughout the season.  Here is the breakdown of their interleague games:

- The Phillies will come to town for a two-game series on April 30-May 1 and the Indians will travel to Philly May 14-15 for another two-game series.

- The Indians will travel to Cincinnati from May 26-28, and the Reds will come straight back to Cleveland for a series May 29-31.

- The Nationals will travel to Cleveland for a series that runs from June 14-16.

- The Indians will be in Miami for a series from August 2-4.

- The Indians will play their final NL team September 6-8 when the Mets come to town.

As for the new AL Astros, they will come to town September 19-22, while the Indians will travel to Houston from April 19-21.  The Indians face both the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox during their first homestand in April.  That is the only time these two teams visit Cleveland in 2013.  The Indians close the season in Minneapolis.

Here is the full schedule if you’d like to see what the rest of 2013 will look like.  I should also point out that none of these games have times attached to them yet.  That won’t be fully settled until a few months from now.

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