Another loss

September 12, 2012

Just as the members of the rock band AC/DC rewrite the same song with the same four chords over and over, we bloggers here at It’s Pronounced Lajaway have had to learn to write the same story over and over again these past two or three months. That story, of course, is about the losing ways of the team which once looked as though it might somehow give the White Sox and the Tigers a run for their money, and might somehow contend for the AL Central title. Instead, the Indians are trying to find a way to keep from sinking to the bottom of the division. At the very moment I type this, the Indians are in sole possession of last place in the division, although if the Twins lose tonight, the two hapless teams will have identical records of 59 wins and 84 losses.

(Update: The Twins did indeed lose.)

Tonight’s game followed a pattern which has been played out many times this season: our starting pitcher, in this case one Jeanmar Gomez, gave up several runs in the first inning, in this case three runs, and the Indians found themselves trying to play catch-up with an offense which is ill-suited to the task. Gomez allowed five runs, all of them earned, in his four innings of work. He gave up six hits, and four of them were for extra bases, including home runs by Adrian Beltre and Josh Hamilton, and doubles by Ian Kinsler and Michael Young. By contrast, the Indians had seven hits, each and every one of them a single. Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight.

If you’re looking for a bright spot, you can take comfort in the fact that once Gomez left the game, David Huff, Esmil Rogers, and Chris Perez combined to pitch four innings of scoreless ball. Since being called up to the Indians in early September, when the rosters expand, Huff has pitched six scoreless innings in two appearances. That hardly qualifies him for a plaque at Cooperstown, but we Indians fans will take our pleasures where we find them these days.

The Indians have lost 22 of their last 27 games. Since July 27, they have had losing streaks of 11, 9, 6, and now 5 (and counting!) games. But they’ve had winning streaks during that time, too. Two of them, of two games each.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be over in the corner, beating my head against the brick wall. No, that’s OK, I’m used to it. I’ll be fine. Really.


  • Matthew says:

    At least the Indians are better than the Astros. Apparently, they had a recent telecast that was only watched by a little over 1,000 viewers. Yes, that is only four digits, barely above public access level. And the Tribe still have Choo and Santana, while the only Astro anyone outside Houston has heard of is an embattled 50-year-old who isn’t even on the actual team.

  • Steve Alex says:

    But the Astros are compiling their 100 losses with a young, rebuiding team after trading all of their star players away for prospects (Bourn, Pence, Wandy R.). The Indians are playing .250 ball with a team some people thought was supposed to contend for the playoffs. That’s a big difference.