So let’s say you’re the British army in April 1775. And let’s say you’re thinking about arresting Samuel Adams (presumably for not sharing his beer with your troops) and John Hancock, when some guy named Revere flies by, gets everybody riled up, and spoils all your plans. That’s kind of what happened to the Indians in Saturday night’s game against the Twins.

The Tribe was cruising along for the first two innings, a couple of walks but no hits, no runs. The 3rd inning started off just fine, with a ground out by Pedro Florimon, who has a delightful last name.  Then Ben Revere came up and got a single. Indians pitcher Zach McAllister then hit the next batter, Jamey Carroll, with a pitch, putting men on 1st and 2nd with one out. Then Revere and Carroll pulled a double steal. 49 pitches later, the inning ended with the Twins up 2-0.

McAllister only went three. The rest of the game felt like an episode of The Gong Show, baseball style, as Chris Seddon, Scott Maine, Frank Herrmann, Tony Sipp (wait, I thought he had a job), and Scott Barnes each came in for about an inning to audition for a spot on next year’s roster. Seddon allowed one more run, but it was the Tribe bats that lost the game. Twins starting pitcher Cole deVries wasn’t particularly dominating. He threw 84 pitches; 47 (56%) of them were strikes with only 2 strikeouts, but we only managed 4 hits against him.

About the only thing worth watching the last few games has been Russ Canzler consistently hitting the ball. My, but it’s nice to see a big old right-handed batter come up and get on base (in all 6 of the games he’s played in). That’s about it. I’m looking at the remainder of the season as kind of a pre-Spring Training to sort out who might be helpful on the 2013 roster.