I was on vacation with the family for a few days, with no computer and televisions that didn’t pick up Sports Time Ohio or MLB network. The TV did pick up ESPN, and every morning I would impatiently sit through Sports Center, looking for the score of the previous¬† night’s game or would run down to the lobby and grab a newspaper to see how the Indians had fared. Taking series from the Twins and Tigers at home and then taking the series from the White Sox, who’ve been nothing but trouble for us all season, it seemed like the Indians were finding their groove again.

Then they had to go to Detroit and screw it all up. Let’s see, we got swept and are now 4.5 games back. Hafner is injured. Kipnis is injured. Jimenez may or may not be all we had hoped he’d be. The one bright spot for me was the five-run fourth inning today. It showed that this team can hit and score runs, even without their biggest bats in the lineup. They haven’t given up, but the offense needs consistency. Unfortunately, right now the only thing consistent about the Indians is that they keep pushing the damn boulder up the hill and it keeps rolling right back down.


  • SeattleStu says:

    it was a blessing in disguise for you to miss this meltdown…through all the challenges, injuries, etc this team had a real chance to make this a race….and just flat out laid an egg this weekend….barely competitive.

  • ClevelandSucks says:

    The Indians had been overachieving. They simply aren’t that good. Trading two top pitching prospects for Ubaldo will prove to be a disaster, as he clearly is not the same pitcher he used to be. The Indians will soon rejoin the Browns and Cavaliers as mediocre franchises for a mediocre city. But hey, this is nothing new to Cleveland, the doormat of professional sports.

  • Pamela says:

    Alright people, whaddaya think?

    Thome on waviers + Hafner on DL = Thome at DH + Hafner on waviers….

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