The 2012 Indians won’t finish with the worst record in franchise history, but you can make a very strong case that the product they’re putting on the field right now is the worst we’ve seen. Consider these two stats:

  • The Indians have lost 25 of their last 30 games, tying a franchise record originally set by the 1991 Indians.
  • During their current 30-game disaster, the Indians have been outscored by 99 runs – the worst month-long run differential in franchise history, breaking the mark shared by the 1921 and ’29 Indians (91 runs).

When the losing started I was on the fence about Manny Acta’s future, but I can’t see how he can keep his job now. Over the past two seasons the Indians have a combined record of 44-74 after the All-Star Break. It’s unreasonable to pin that all on Acta, but it’s equally insane to think he hasn’t played a role in their second-half¬†collapses.

Last year I was actually OK with the way the season ended. While it was disappointing, the losing was understandable due to the rash of injuries. But what’s the excuse this year?¬†Missing Hafner from the lineup and Tomlin from the rotation doesn’t explain this abomination of a month.

In fact, the Indians have been surprisingly healthy. Tuesday’s lineup against the A’s featured seven of their nine opening day starters (Lillibridge and Donald replaced Hafner and Hannahan).

At this point, I think it’s time to can Acta – and the sooner the better. I don’t know what difference a change in management will make over the long haul, but a new leader at the helm often leads to a short-term boost in performance. And given the way this team is playing, they need all the help they can get before they drive even more fans away.


  • SeattleStu says:

    Manny’s gone…it’s not just the losing, it’s how they’re losing…last 2 nights unacceptable.

  • PatrickSands says:

    Acta has to go. I don’t like getting rid of coaches because it takes the players and coaches time to gel but the team keeps getting worse. This team seems to lack in the fundamentals of the game such as bunting, moving runners over, and un-timely errors. I can’t even count the number of times we have left runners on third with 0 or 1 outs. I forget who it was the other night but I remember a runner being on second with 0 outs and I think it was Carerra the plate. He tried to bunt on the first pitch and then we took the bunt off and of course he swings and misses at the second pitch and then strikes out. Why? Just try to bunt twice and if we can’t then swing with 2 strikes. We just do stupid things. The pitching staff is to blame as well. You can’t expect to have any kind of consistency with Hernandez, Masterson, and Jiminez all in a starting rotation. These guys are all wild. I think we have to lead the league in wasted pitches. By wasted pitches I mean pitches that nobody in their right mind would swing at. Pitches that aren’t even close to the strike zone. This team does so many bad things it is hard to think of anything good they do. I guess they draw walks and send Pestano out there every few days but walks means nothing when you can’t hit to drive any of those walks in. I usually have some confidence about things turning around next season but I honestly have no hope for next season or anytime in the near future.

  • Dave says:

    ^^^Exactly. And why haven’t they called up some fresh blood for a little experience/energy? Does playing Donald and Duncan do anything for them? How about some young starters? They can’t possibly be that much worse.

  • Mike says:

    Acta’s gone, but the thing is, it will be a pacifier to the fans. “Let’s see how this new manager does,” blahblahblah, and another year will be gone, swirling down the drain of mediocrity before you know it. Is Acta a good manager? Probably not. Does he deserve to keep his job? Probably not. But hey, maybe instead of punishing the swoons, we reward the early season performance? We were 3.5 games out with a run diff of -88 – that shouldn’t be. Maybe he inspired the guys to play over their heads at a level which couldn’t be maintained.

    He’ll get canned, he might even deserve it. The team is just bad…read Buster Olney’s comments on our farm system as well for a real uplifter.

  • GG Allin says:

    Beyond Acta, this is a total failure of Indians ownership/management. The product hasn’t been this bad in DECADES. Hell, even in the 80s we had some fun guys to watch. Maybe the Dolans are just biding their time to sell without any expensive contracts on the books? Chris Antonetti should definitely be canned.

    Although I sympathize with the players seeing nobody in the stands, how can the Dolans expect ANYONE to pay MLB money when the product is only high school-caliber. First place or not, we weren’t going to invest our money for a team we KNEW would break apart at any time.

    I was born in ’73, so I know what I am talking about when I say I haven’t seen a Cleveland Indians organization so out of touch with its fanbase in more than 20 years. We should erect a statue of John Hart in front of JACOB’S Field.

  • Mary Jo says:

    1) Fire the manager? Seriously, neither Al Lopez nor Grover (the only two Tribe managers with 100+ win seasons) could pull this motley crew above .500 ball. Firing the manager might appease some but it will not solve the problem.

    2) Handyhands and Pronk get replaced….by guys even less mediocre than they are. You can’t make lobster salad when you have chum fish.

    3) Unfortunately, the baseball market has changed a lot since Jacobs owned the team. Kinda like the housing market. Jacobs was a very smart businessman who just so happened to own a baseball team. He bought low at a good time, made very wise spending decisions, and sold when the market was hot. Dolan is a fan who is underwater (at least in his own mind) and seems to not have a winning team as his priority. Sucks to be us.

    In this age of agent-driven, huge and long-term contracts have become the norm. Even in Jacobs’ time I think we wouldn’t have had the fun ride we did in the 90s had the same business mindset been prevalent.

    FWIW, I see the “born in ’73″ comment and I offer a “born in 1951″ so, unfortunately, I’ve seem more sucky baseball than you have. I got my start during the Frank Lane years. :-(

  • Mary Jo says:

    One other point. It really isn’t a major league manager’s job to teach guys how to bunt/advance a runner/hold a runner on base/etc ad infinitum. The boys are supposed to learn all those basics in the minor leagues and know how to do it right before they make big bucks. Sometimes once players learn a bad habit all the ML coaching in the world won’t make them change. *sigh*

  • SeattleStu says:

    couldnt disagree more with the pro acta folks here…but let’s take a different tack…how many winning seasons has manny had as a manager? what year to year improvement has he driven at each of his head manager jobs? what type of sterling major/minor league playing career did he have that could lend to his being a respected instructor/motivator of multi millionaires?….not only shouldnt he be our manager, he shouldnt be anyone’s!! yes our talent is the core problem…but once (if) we get any i’d like to have a professional at the helm.

  • Steve Alex says:

    If you take away the years when the Indians were obviously rebuilding for the future, this “window of contention” squad is easily the worst team I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I feel sorry for the good young players we have that are trying to carry the weight of the world on their backs. They deserve better. Just a few competent veterans playing like such would have allowed everyone else to relax & play better.

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