The Indians may not be much fun to watch these days, but at least they’re treating us to a piece of history.

The Indians are currently on pace to make August, 2012 one of the worst months the franchise has ever seen. Of the 581 months in which the Indians have played at least 20 games, only once have they posted a worse winning percentage than their current .182 mark in August.

If the Indians manage to win at least one of their final seven games in August against the Yankees, A’s and Rangers (which is no guarantee against that schedule) they’ll avoid breaking the record currently held by the 1928 Indians for their incredible September collapse.

Looking for a silver lining in this? In 1929, the Indians rebounded to finish 10 games over .500.


  • Duke says:

    Well, they’re up 3-1 in the 7th tonight. Perhaps tonight is the night? And if so, do you credit Cleveland’s pitching/defense, or New York’s pitiful RISP offense?

  • Mike Witczak says:

    or do you credit the luck of this article being published, therefore we lose the glory of having that worst month now? Sorry just being a little cynical after this depressing month of ball. (sigh)

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