Did the same Indians team that I watched on Saturday and Sunday really just take both games of a doubleheader against the Twins?  Did David Huff and Fausto Carmona actually both look sharp today?  Did the monster home run of the night really come from the bat of Lou Marson?  Is this honestly the first time since the Indians swept a doubleheader in Minnesota since 1961?  I feel like maybe I’ve slid into some kind of different dimension or something!  (I also need to stop asking so many questions; I’m starting to sound like the little neighbor girl who asks why my car is blue, and why my dog is brown and white).

I thought that night game may go south after Alexi Casilla made it to second after Austin Kearns bumbled the play in right field.  A play like that usually seems to trigger a Carmona meltdown, although he managed to turn things around and allowed just the one run at that point.

Some random thoughts on the day, since I’m tired and my brain isn’t really functioning well due to the large quantities of Benadryl I took:

-          Asdrubal Cabrera hit his 17th home run today.  His 2011 home run total now almost equals his career home run numbers.  Asdrubal hit 18 home runs in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 combined…he’s just one home run away from matching that.

-          Speaking of Asdrubal, did you see that he was the first Indians shortstop to start an All Star game since Lou Boudreau in 1948?  Wow.

-          Huff will get to stay in Cleveland for now – Jeanmar Gomez was sent back to Columbus today.

-          Things do not sound positive where Grady Sizemore is concerned.  He actually said that this knee feels as bad as the other one did last year – and that was immediately prior to the microfracture surgery.  I don’t think he can be counted on to return and contribute in 2011.

-          It’s rumored that the Mets are willing to eat Carlos Beltran’s salary if they get top tier prospects in return.  This could make things interesting…I know there are one or two teams that were supposedly shying away because Beltran’s salary would put them into luxury tax territory.  I heard that one was Philadelphia; I guess the Mets aren’t ruling out a trade within the division.

-          Detroit was idle today, so the Indians are back in sole possession of first for the night.

-          Maybe the Indians should celebrate Earth Day more often?  (The Tribe and Twins wore green hats in game 1 since it was the makeup of the postponed Earth Day match up).


  • Nick Tozzi says:

    I didn’t see a single pitch of game 2 last night and I was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning that Carmona pitched well and the Indians won. I wanted Fausto removed from the starting rotation but maybe Manny’s faith in him will ultimately be rewarded. Whether it’s faith in Carmona or a “where else do we turn to” attitude by Acta, it’s a big win for Fausto and the Indians.


  • SeattleStu says:

    hate to be a naysayer on grady….i spent good money on his jersey afterall….but i take exception to manny saying he’s going all out and that’s causing injuries….both injuries this year were kind of “huh?” incidents…especially the last one where he was rounding first base…if anything he’s been more tentative than usual this year on chasing down fly balls and putting himself in harm’s way….seems maybe all those years have caught up w/ him, becuase his knees are giving out on him after relatively minor/no contact….maybe that’s a more accurate way of describing it.

  • Jameel Brenneman says:

    Asdrubal the first starting SS in the all-star for the tribe since 48? It’s sad Vizquel never made it. He had some great years

  • SeattleStu says:

    brantley plays we win tonight….valbuena clearly a graduate of the austin kearns’ school of outfielding….and does anyone honestly think perez is a legit closer? he struggles with control like no real closer i know.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Fausto has incredible stuff…he just needs to learn to keep his head on straight consistently.

    I really hope Grady is able to come back from all of this. I played multiple sports in high school and had some recurring knee problems along the way…it seemed like it was easier and easier each time to injure them. (This is completely unscientific, I went to an orthopedic surgeon at one point, but he never said anything about this). Even though I’d feel 100%, it seemed like a much smaller twist, bump, etc. caused way more problems than the tweak before it.

    I can’t believe that Omar never got the starting nod…I was sure he did at least once. I’m glad Asdrubal was able to break the streak though.

    I think my brain (and even the universe?) are starting to protect me from bad Indians moments. Yesterday afternoon, I was away from the TV for about 10 minutes and I missed Chad Durbin tanking. I never fall asleep during games, and tonight I nodded off in the top of the 8th and woke up as soon as the game ended. I think I would’ve thrown something through the TV if I had been awake for that. I thought they said that Ron Gardenhire had some kind of stomach ailment too…I was joking that he sabotaged Brantley.

  • tom says:

    Who cares what a couple of chicks think about baseball? Stick to baking pies, please.

  • Stephanie Liscio says:

    Perhaps you should ask who cares what a couple of dudes think about baseball? Thanks for the intelligent, mature comment though…stay classy!

  • Bill P says:

    Steph you stay classy…. I won’t,

    Tom, you obviously either have never had sex with a woman, you just woke up from a coma you’ve been in since the 1950s, or you still live with your mom and have a strange food fetish.

    Either way, the year is 2011 and women have a place outside of the kitchen you dumb douchebag.

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