In an effort to try to work up some enthusiasm about covering tonight’s Indians-Tigers game for IPL, I have decided to sit at home in front of my laptop and blog about the game in real time. Of course, the way the Indians have been playing lately, my greatest challenge will be to try to keep profanity out of the post. To add a layer of difficulty, I’ll even watch the game stone cold sober.

So come back to IPL once the game starts (that’s 7:05 PM EDT) for fun and excitement. I’ll be on hand to describe each weak grounder to second base and each wild pitch as they happen, give or take a half-inning or so.  And in a bid to fill the IPL coffers with checks from lucrative product-placement deals, I’ll be sure to mention the snacks I consume as I watch the game.

If you are so inclined, you can join in the fun by sending me messages via Twitter or email.

See you later!

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