The Indians won the first game of a day-night doubleheader against the Minnesota Twins by a score of 5-2, behind the pitching of David Huff, who came up from AAA Columbus to pitch 7 shutout innings. Huff looked promising with the Indians in 2009, going 11-8, albeit with a 5.61 ERA. Then came the 2010 season, a 2-11 record and a 6.21 ERA. His time in Columbus seems to have been well spent, as his performance today keeps him in Cleveland and sent Jeanmar Gomez back to AAA  after only one game.

The revolving door on the Indians roster the past couple weeks has me worried. I think they’re trying to make smart moves and not panic, but honestly, they’ve been shuffling around players like a three-card monte dealer shuffles cards. It’s hard not to detect a slight scent of desperation, and I don’t think you can contend if you’re desperate. Gomez was sent down to make room for Carmona, who was activated from the 15-day DL in order to pitch tonight. I’m watching the game via, and it’s not clear yet which Carmona showed up to pitch tonight (it’s only the bottom of the 3rd and the Twins just scored, making it a 1-0 ballgame).

I feel a bit like it’s spring training all over again, with several guys vying for the 5th (and possibly the 4th) spot in the starting rotation. Masterson and Tomlin are a solid 1 and 2. Carrasco is a sometimes shaky #3. After that things get dicey. There’s Carmona, who has been inconsistent, and now Huff. I’d love to see Huff have some more quality starts. Mitch Talbot is scheduled to start rehab starts on July 19, so the front office doesn’t seem to have given up on him completely. Personally I lean towards Huff and Talbot, although I’m willing to have Carmona surprise me (as he is tonight. You can yell at me if I just jinxed him.)

I”m glad to see that Ezequiel Carrera is still on the roster. With Sizemore out with a right knee contusion, Carrera may have the chance to prove himself in centerfield. He went 1-3 in the first game with an RBI single and a walk (and a stolen base). It was a respectable showing. And hey, he just walked again, Brantley had an RBI single and so did Asdrubal Cabrera, putting the Indians ahead 2-1.. Don’t you just love live blogging?

Good night and sweet dreams of another Tribe win. This post wouldn’t be complete without a link to Duck Soup.

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  • Nick Tozzi says:

    For the men reading this, remember, unless a woman plays centerfield never say “you cover a lot of ground, yourself”! I enjoyed the post and the “Duck Soup” clip.


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