Where do we stand?
We’re in third place with a 50-53 record (.485), six games out of first. First place seems so long ago and far away.

What was the biggest surprise this month?
That Shelley Duncan is still on the roster. At the top of the list of pleasant surprises I’d put Esmil Rogers, who has pitched 23 innings over 18 games for Cleveland thus far for a 2.47 ERA and a .957 WHIP. Behind him, I’d add Chad Allen. He’s only pitched 5.1 innings over 4 games since the Indians called him up, but he’s only given up 1 hit.

What was the biggest disappointment this month?
Only one? The deterioration of both Derek Lowe and Josh Tomlin  comes to mind. But I’d have to go with the series against Minnesota last weekend. After winning the series against the Tigers and beating Verlander, getting swept by the Twins took the wind out of everybody’s sails.

What are the challenges for the upcoming month?
I was going to say that the challenges are the same as they’ve been all season: consistent starting pitching and hitting with runners in scoring position. But at this point, I’d take finishing the season above .500 and with a modicum of dignity.

Bonus question:
Do you even remember what Grady Sizemore looks like? How about Rafael Perez?


  • joey says:

    nope,i forgot what they look like.but i imagine we will see grady next spring training,since he will only cost the price of a minor league spring training invite contract.i think the dolans can swing that.

  • SeattleStu says:

    hey on the plus side, at least we are losing by 5+ runs everynight to the best teams in baseball – Twins & Royals…WTF?