When it Rains…

July 29, 2012

I feel like so much has happened since my last post (July 16th). The Indians entered tonight’s game with Minnesota with a record of 4-7 in their last 11 games. Usually I would just call this a bad stretch, but with it being the end of July the Indians really do not have a ton of time to continue playing like this if they want to contend. To illustrate my point, ESPN.com has a simulation that projects the % chance that each team makes the playoffs. Entering tonight’s game, the Indians percentage was a meager 7.9%.

Tonights game began on a good note. Choo led off the game with a single, and came around to score on an RBI groundout by Carlos Santana: Just like that, its 1-0 Cleveland. Justin Masterson began the game with a devastating sinker that caused the first five Minnesota hitters to ground out to second base (I have no idea how to figure out if this is a record, but I am just going to SAY it is). In fact, Masterson retired the first 11 batters he faced before a Joe Mauer walk.

And then…it poured.

Josh Willingham blasted a hanging slider into the seats, giving Minnesota a 2-1 lead. Minnesota added three runs in the 5th, and knocked Masterson around for five more runs in the seventh. In all, Masterson’s line:

5.2 Innings Pitched, 7 Hits Allowed, 10 Runs, 8 Earned Runs. pp


Just another one of those nights boys...

The Indians added a couple of runs near the end of the game, highlighted by Carlos Santana’s two run home run.

Some Quick Thoughts:

1.) Which direction are we going?- As already stated, the Indians chances of making the playoffs are becoming smaller with each lopsided loss. After tonights results, the Indians now find themselves 5.5 games out of 1st place in the AL Central. So far, our big deadline acquisition: Brent Lillibridge. Yes folks, we acquired a player who is most well known for having a game-ending Web Gem. Compare him to the Tigers acquisitions of Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante, and the White Sox pickups of Kevin Youkilis and Francisco Liriano (acquired tonight), and you can see why the Indians are behind.

2.) Rewarded for our Patience?- Carlos Santana had a forgettable first half to say the least, but he has rebounded quite well in July. So far this month Santana has hit .286 with four home runs and twelve runs batted in. It is nice to see that one of the run producers has picked up the slack this month (cue me staring down Travis Hafner).

3.) My quick vent, or what should be known as 1B).- I feel like I need one, so here it goes. I was watching tonight’s game, when Rick Manning and Matt Underwood mentioned that Chris Antonetti said today that he had spoke with many teams about possible trade scenarios in the last few days. When they asked him about which Indians players were involved in talks, Antonetti said that he had kicked tires with “over 50 players, from minor league talent all the way up to the big league club.” They ended the exchange by saying that “It is very apparent that the Indians are trying to improve their team for a playoff push.”

Excuse me for being judgmental, but Brent Lillibridge really doesnt satisfy my appetite. I am not saying that the Indians need to panic and overpay for someone like Alfonso Soriano or Hunter Pence; however, I do think there are some viable options out there the Indians could pursue. *I am looking at you James Shields*

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  • SeattleStu says:

    i actually hope this front office doesnt do anything….because based on recent moves it doesnt make the team any better and one could argue put us further behind…last year’s ‘big moves’ brought us fukodome & ubusto…in the past 3 years they’ve traded 2 cy young winners for a bag of balls….you make moves when you have a spot need that will make a difference…we aren’t close to being close, so dont bother…especially given our uncanny nack for subtraction by addition.

    and today’s rant from seattle is on manny and masterson…both of whom in recent days have been quoted saying how there’s no need to panic, we’ve been below .500 before etc….am i the only one who wants a manager/team that aspires to being ABOVE .500, and worry that they’re jobs are in jeopardy if we dont get there? i want some fire. i want people to feel a sense of urgency. if not, why the hell even bother putting the uniform on? especially in today’s world of every kid gets a trophy / 1/3 of teams make the playoffs. Can you at least pretend to have some passion just to make me feel better, guys?

    but hey, at least santana is hitting .286….wait for it…two….eighty…six….do you realize how sad it is that we’re celebrating that?

  • SeattleStu says:

    lest you think i’m overly negative, let me throw out one positive about our beloved tribe….it could be worse….we could be on the verge of being swept by the worst team in the American League….hmmm, i’ll have to try again – maybe the last game is going to at least be competitive?

  • SeattleStu says:

    but seriously, it’s hard to come down too hard on our bats today as we’re being shut down by francisco liriano, one of the more attractive trade deadeline arms…..whoops, he got traded already? oh, then it’s long reliever duensing in a spot start making us look sad?….

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