A Quick Look Ahead

July 24, 2012

If the Indians do not make a major move before the Trade Deadline then Plan B MUST be a serious re-tooling this offseason. Below is a quick look at roster status and payroll. The biggest point is half or more of the “savings” from FA departures will be taken up in arbitration raises to current players. We also need to extend Masterson (and maybe Perez/Choo) before he gets too close to the Promised Land.

Brantley, Masterson, CPerez, Choo and Smith are all likely to get substantial raises. As an Arb 3 player, we should extend (or trade) Smith or risk losing him. We still control Brantley and can deal with him 1-2 years hence.

Unless Hernandez tanks the next 2 months, I think it likely the Tribe keeps him next year to replace Lowe. It’s less likely they re-sign Hafner at a greatly reduced rate. If we still have Damon and Kotchman next year then the offseason was an unmitigated failure.

Trading Choo and/or Perez could add another $ 14-15 million in savings (less costs for the acquired players).

Free Agents After 2012                                                              Future Free Agents

Damon         $ 1.25                                                                     2014
Kotchman       3.0                                                                                 Choo
Lopez               .8                                                                                  Jimenez (player option)

Sizemore         5.0                                                                                  RPerez

Hafner             13.0    (club option)                                                        Smith

Hernandez                  (club option)                                                        Hernandez

Off the Books   $  22.30 Million                                                2015

    28.30 Million (if no Hernandez)                          Cabrera


Arbitration Players

Brantley     Super 2        Hannahan    Arb 2           Choo       Arb 3
Duncan       Arb 1           Masterson    Arb 2          RPerez    Arb 3
LaPorta      Arb 1           CPerez         Arb 2          Smith      Arb 3
Marson       Arb 1
Sipp           Arb 1


Contracts 2013– Forward

Cabrera          6.5        10.0
Santana          .55          3.5       6.0       8.25        12.0 Option
Hafner           13.0   (option)

Hernandez      6.0  (option)
Jimenez          5.75     8.0   (option)



Payroll info from Indians Prospects Insider


  • Mary Jo says:

    After hearing Hafner once again rule the airwaves in the post-game interview with Hammy I propose this: Buy out his contract (option is <$3M) and make him Hammy's sidekick. Rosie can pull stats for the guys to quote and if he's a good boy they might even let him spell the guys for an inning or two.

  • Will McIlroy says:

    You may be on to something. But Rosie needs to stay ready. Even in the booth Hafner will find a way to make the DL.

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