It is always tough to follow a cartoon, especially one as uniquely compelling as Bambi v Godzilla. So the Indians just played the re-run tonight and lost to the Orioles 10-2.


– The Indians loaded the bases in the 2nd but, as expected, did not score. The game was over a few minutes later.

– Orioles rookie Miguel Gonzalez made only his 3rd career start and the Indians were clearly in awe as they managed but 7 hits.

– Derek Lowe was awful. 3 IP, 7 H, 9 ER, 5 BB, 0 SO.

– Of the 9 original batters and starting pitcher tonight, only 1 (Kipnis) was homegrown (drafted by the Tribe).

– Cabrera and Hannahan homered for the Tribe’s only runs.

– Damon had 3 hits and 1-upped Dewayne Wise with an actual over the rail catch down the LF line. He even showed the ump the ball.

– RP Cody Allen (3-2, 1.87 minors) made his ML debut for the Indians with a scoreless inning. He walked two but punched out Mark Reynolds for his 1st career K. Congratulations.

– Allen was drafted just last year (23rd Round) and began the season in A Ball so his climb through the minors was rapid. He comes from High Point University, home of the Mighty Panthers.

– High Point is perhaps best known as the furniture capital of the World. Before you laugh, it is also the boyhood home of sax great John Coltrane. So there.

– Old friend Jim Thome hit his first HR as an Oriole, a classic Thome drive through the wind into the 2nd deck in right. Always tough to watch but good for him. Number 610 (337 came as an Indian).

– The Indians have 6 games with the Tigers in the next 2 weeks and series with the Red Sox, Angels and Yankees in August. They need to start playing better for any of that to matter.

– The Indians loaded the bases in the 8th inning. BREAKING NEWS: they did not score.

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  • Matthew says:

    Gonzalez has been another one of the O’s “on again, off again” pitchers. He was great in his first start but was not so good against the Tiggers, so he’ll probably get shelled by the Yanks next week.

    As much as I love Reynolds and am glad he is heating up, it isn’t all that notable to strike him out. Heck, I could probably K him.