The Indians were shut out in the series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays today, by a score of 6-0.

For a visual depiction of today’s game, please click here.


  • PatrickSands says:

    This game was lost by Manny Acta. Leaving Ubaldo in too long and running ourselves out of the only promising inning. I understand Ubaldo was having a very good game until he got into trouble in the 6th, I also get you have to let guys work out of trouble but Jiminez had clearly lost it. Manny is much more reactive than proactive. I also don’t understand why Duncan can’t bunt. It’s not like the guy is swinging a hot bat and you want to let him swing. He has been pretty much awful at the plate this year. At least let him try to bunt twice and if he can’t then swing away with two strikes. Then to watch an attempted double steal with Santana and Lopez is comical.

  • SeattleStu says:

    yeah you cant expect a supposed ace pitcher we gave up 2 prime prospects for to go more than 5 innings…that just seems inhumane in the modern era….Ubusto.

    • Drew says:

      2 prime prospects that cannot make it in the Rockies rotation. Sounds like 2 more 1st round busts to me.

      • Mary Jo says:

        That’s right. A prospect is only a “prospect” until they prove themselves. Doesn’t excuse Jimenez’ production since we’ve acquired him, but there is hope that we’ll still end up on the better end of that trade (marginally).