Flying Pigs

July 20, 2012

In the Silly Season that marks the Trade Deadline Death March, bad rumors multiply like pigs with wings and often wreak the same havoc on fans’ collective psyches. And so it is that various Rumor Mongers have linked the Indians to OF Carlos Quentin, 3B Chase Headley and “a Starting Pitcher”.

1.   Why Not Carlos Quentin

Quentin was a first round pick by Arizona who struggled with consistency and was traded to the White Sox. He had one good year (2008) when he hit .288/36/100. However, over the last three years he’s averaged just .245/24/73 and never played more than 131 games due to chronic shoulder and knee issues. He’s already missed 57 games this year.

The rumors have quieted somewhat as, after a torrid start in which he hit .400 for 3 weeks, he’s 11 for his last 69. And therein lies the problem with Quentin, a classic feast or famine hitter. But love and lust know no reason and the rumors and fantasies persist.

Quentin also makes $7.025 Million this year and is a free agent at season’s end. Thus he is either an expensive rental or a future burden if re-signed (3 years, $30-35 M).

My take: Wear a helmet and avoid this guy. Health and durability are major concerns, our lineup already has too many inconsistent hitters and we don’t have the resources to invest in a swing and miss.

2.  Headley

A switch-hitting 3B with a career average of .268/9/50. The general assumption is the numbers will improve away from Petco. He makes $3.475 M this year and is an ARB 2 player in 2013 (think healthy raise) and a FA in 2015.

This seems like a headscratch unless the acquisition cost is limited. However, it does raise questions about the Indians’ true feelings toward Chisenhall as the 3B of the future.

Not a game changer in any event.

3.  Starting Pitcher

Yes, yes and yes. The acquisition cost for a rental like Dempster is probably too high, especially since he’s not likely to re-sign and very well could jump back to Wrigley for 2013. Vargas doesn’t excite me (last 4 years he’s 13-20, 4.91 away from Safeco). Which brings us squarely back to the Choo Dilemma.

I would prefer the Tribe think longer term here and look for young pitching which can develop. Another column.


  • Drew says:

    are you suggesting that the tribe sell? i mean, mediocrity is at it greatest this season and yet the Indians seem to be sub-mediocre.

  • Will McIlroy says:

    The current Indians are a fringe wild card contender at best. They need to at least establish or determine a market for Choo and Perez and then decide if the winning window is already closed. If so, make some bold moves if the return in right.

    My guess is little happens and the offseason becomes the big chance. A lot of the payroll comes off the books and the they need to extend Choo and Masterson.

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