Gimme a Break

July 10, 2011

On the eve of the All-Star break, the Tribe dropped the third of a four-game series to the Toronto Blue Jays, 7-1. The Blue Jays had 11 hits. We had 8 hits and could only muster up one measly run. There was even a Jays’ error in there and we still only managed to score one run. What happened to these guys? You know, the ones who went 18-8 in the month of April? Gone is the romance that was so divine, ’tis broken and cannot be mended. (Do you think Irving Berlin could have been a closet Indians fan?)

The fans’ romance with the Indians isn’t ended. With your favorite team, it never ends. But June and the beginning of July definitely reminded us that the 2011 Indians are mortal men, full of foibles and mistakes and blown opportunities, just like every other human being.

While Asdrubal Cabrera and Chris Perez are (rightfully) in Phoenix playing in the All-Star Game and Manny Acta is (rightfully) acting as an AL coach during the All-Star Game, the rest of the team can take a break and regroup. A few random, non-sabermetric thoughts on the Tribe as we head into the break.

* We brought up Lonnie Chisenhall at the right time in his development. We sent Cord Phelps back down at the right time to enhance his development as a player without breaking his confidence.

* Anecdotal evidence suggests that the more buttons Travis Hafner has unbuttoned on his uniform shirt, the more likely he is to get on base. I lack the digital editing capacity to track this.

* All the position players on the active roster are hitting above the traditional Mendoza Line with the exception of Luis Valbuena, who’s only played one game in the majors this season, and um, Austin Kearns. Yeah.

* When I looked up the Gimme a Break intro on YouTube, I realized that reliever Frank Herrmann bears a striking resemblance to the middle daughter on that show.


  • Jameel Brenneman says:

    Do you think we can hang around? We’ve made it farther (close to first by all-star weekend) than a lot thought we would, but it certainly feels like we are gradually losing an uphill battle. My big worry is that I don’t see what is going to give us a boost. I guess there are some possibilities (Santana, Sizemore turning it around) but I’m not very confident in any of them. Perhaps some trade to bring in some offense? And maybe Fausto will actually pitch a good game in the second half :)
    Here’s to hoping…

  • Susan Petrone says:

    @Jameel: I think we can hang around, but then again, I’m an eternal optimist. Yeah, sometimes it does feel like we’re Sissyphus continually pushing that damn rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down again. I think the Indians are contenders. I hope the front office feels that way too and makes some trades. We need another reliable starter and we need a bit more depth in the outfield, preferably one somebody who can also add some oomph to the offense. As for Fausto, I think 2007 was the aberration and this is really the kind of pitcher he is.

  • Bobby says:

    All: The Indians have a lot of “minor issues” which is a good thing because our team is incredibly young. Even Fausto, who seems like he’s been around forever, is young. I get excited about this year because we played so well the first month of the season, but realistically what we are seeing right now is more of what I thought we would get all year. That being said, this division is up for anyone to grab. And if our core guys stay healthy we can make a run at the playoffs.
    Susan: I tend to disagree with you about the front office making trades. The only trade I would pull the trigger on is for an outfielder. Our starting pitching in the farm system is as solid as anyone’s in baseball. Let’s see what Alex White feels like after his bullpen sessions. And, McCallister, althought erratic, showed major league stuff in his debut. I would rather go with what we have pitching wise before throwing solid young arms around for a veteran inning eater (not that we would be giving up either of those two young guys, but they were just a small example of what we have coming up). If the price is right for a guy like Ludwick (who ironically started in the Indians system) then I wouldn’t be opposed to adding a right handed OF for the second half. A guy I have always been high on but has never really produced is B.J. Upton with the Rays, and they may just be at a place where they are ready to cut ties, but I would rather our front office stay away from giving up too much of our rich talent in the minors for a rental.
    These young guys are learning, and they will be learning in the midst of a pennant race. That sets the Tribe up for the future. That’s what I am excited about