An old trade axiom is a team must deal value to get value. Return is the key.

Like most staffs, the Indians’ rotation is thin past the top (Masterson and Jimenez) but the bullpen has both quality and depth.

As a rival GM, who would I want in a trade? Or stated differently,  who can the Indians move in a legitimate effort to solidify the club?


Masterson          2013:  Arb 2              2015:  FA
Jimenez             2014: Option/FA        2015:  FA

Lowe                  2013:  FA
Tomlin               2014:  Arb 1               2017:  FA
McAllister           2015:  Arb 1              2018:  FA

Gomez                 2015:  Arb 1              2018:  FA
Hernandez           2013:  signed             2014:  FA


C Perez                 2013:  Arb 2             2015:  FA
Pestano                 2014:  Arb 1             2017:  FA
Smith                    2013:  Arb 3             2014:  FA

Hagadone             2015:  Arb 1              2018:  FA
Sipp                       2013:  Arb 1              2016:  FA
Rogers                  2014:  Arb 1              2017:  FA
R Perez                 2013:  Arb 3              2014:  FA


–   The 2014 option belongs to Jimenez, not the team, so he could become a FA in 2014.

–   If not,  Masterson, Jimenez and CPerez become FAs in 2015. Smith in 2014.


–   Masterson is a potential ace. Some do not like long term contracts for pitchers but he should be signed long term before FA rears its ugly head. Jimenez is much better lately and, fingers crossed, we might have a solid 1-2 punch at the top.

Other SPs

–   McAllister looks improved, we’ll see if consistency follows. Has value as a package piece in a larger trade. Tomlin and Gomez are inconsistent and frequent tight rope acts. Not prime targets. As a FA, Lowe has little trade value and is an offseason move. The Indians would like to upgrade Nos. 3-5.

–   Difficult to expect Hernandez to be more than filler


–   Perez has the highest chip value and would bring the highest return. More likely to stay than Choo and under club control for 2 years. A bold, riverboat gamble if he’s moved (and he’s moved only if Pestano is ready).

–   Pestano also has high value but under club control the next 4 years. Keeper.

–   Smith has solid value as a flexible swing guy. With only 1 arbitration year left before FA, he could be moved as a secondary piece in a larger trade. Not enough value on his own for a significant return.


–   Hagadone and Rogers are young power arms who may develop into late inning guys. Other teams will be interested but the Indians should keep both as possible replacements for Smith. One could go in the right deal.

–   Sipp has some value based on track record but has done little this year to improve his worth. Secondary material.



–  Absent a compelling trade, 2014-2015 likely closes the window on the current group


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