Taking three of four from the Orioles was nice but, despite their inflated record, they’re still the Orioles and I fully expect to see them in the cellar of the AL East well before the season comes to a close.

But taking two of three from the Angels? That’s another story.

After a rough start, the Angels have roared back and entered this series with a 36-20 record since May 1. They look every bit as good as advertised this offseason and gave the Tribe the best they had to offer, with Jered Weaver, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana taking the hill. And while Weaver dominated the Tribe once again (he’s allowed just one run in his last 36 innings in Progressive Field) the Tribe pounded Haren and Santana. The Angels No. 2 and 3 starters combined to allow 15 runs in six innings of work. Not too shabby.

But while the bats are back for now, I’m still not ready to buy into the 2012 Indians. We’ve witnessed this offensive outburst before (remember the early April drubbing of Kansas City?) only to see the bats slink back into hibernation again.

This season continues to be a rollercoaster ride and another swoon is likely on the horizon. However, I’m enjoying the high points while they last and it’s nice to see them heading towards the All-Star break on a good notes.

A few other notes…

  • Is it time to make Lou Marson the Indians every day catcher? Despite not having a home run to his credit this season his OPS is over 100 points higher than Carlos Santana‘s. And since June 1, Marson has a .460 OBP compared to Santana’s .292. No one expects Marson to keep up that pace, but he’s hot right now and it might be a good time to send Santana to Columbus for awhile to find his swing.
  • The Indians 12-run outburst was their most against the Angels since August, 2006. Ervin Santana was also the starter for the Angels that day.
  • In the 3rd inning Johnny Damon threw out Albert Pujols advancing to 2nd base. It was Damon’s first outfield assist since 2010 as a member of the Detroit Tigers.
  • The Tribe chased Ervin Santana from the game after just 1 1/3 innings during which he allowed eight runs. It was the first time an opposing starter yielded eight runs in fewer than two innings since the Yankees’ Chien-Ming Wang in the famous 22-4 game at Yankee Stadium in 2009.
  • 20-year-old All-Star Mike Trout hit leadoff for the Angels in all three games of the series, becoming the youngest player to leadoff for an entire series against the Indians since a 20-year-old Rickey Henderson in 1979.


  • Mary Jo says:

    1) Although I expect a couple of our hot players drop back in plate production (Kotchman, Marson for example) I think the production drop-off won’t be so severe this time because it’s warmer weather and the players have had more time to get back to their usual swings. Unfortunately, that means when Santana swings it seems to be for the fences quite often. I sincerely believe that no matter how helpful it might be to send Santana down for some polishing Acta won’t do it. He seems to be the type of manager who wouldn’t treat a vet like that. Too bad, since a little Cliff Lee-ing of him might be enough to straighten him out.

    • Swift says:

      “Unfortunately, that means when Santana swings it seems to be for the fences quite often. I sincerely believe that no matter how helpful it might be to send Santana down for some polishing Acta won’t do it.”

      I’m not sure any manager would do it. And you have to have a back-up catcher, who is in Columbus to bring up?

      I would like to continue to see Santana get days off and to drop him to a low spot in the line-up, maybe bat 7 or 8. Take the pressure off of him, particularly with Pronk back in the line-up, and Brantley doing well. Pronk as clean-up, Brantley 5th.

      • Ryan McCrystal says:

        Luke Carlin and Matt Pagnozzi are both available in Columbus and both have major league experience. Either one would be more than capable of backing up Marson for a couple weeks.

  • Edward says:

    Anyone else think that there may be lingering issues from the concusion that Santan had. It seemed to me that before that concussion he was starting to get his swing back.

    Prior to the concusion he was batting, .245/.360/.387/.747
    good enough for 38th in OBP and 91st in OPS.

    After the Concusion he is bating,.162/.295/.216/.511
    bad enough that it would be 140th in OBP and 160th in OPS.

    His overall stats are .219/.337/.330/.667
    75th in OBP and 132nd in OPS.

    Now he only had 5 HR’s and all before the concusion. I know that he was ‘cleared’ but it sure seems like more than a coincidence. Justin Morneau had a concussion and missed almost half a year. Santana seems like a trooper and I am sure he wants to play everyday, but if he is still affected by the concusion, for his safety he should step aside until he is better. After the Colt McCoy concusion fiasco last year for the Browns, we dont need to get a bad reputation about concusions in cleveland.